Case study


Accelerated the migration of two Salesforce systems providing consistency and integrity in the configuration and minimising disruption to the business during the transition.

Ocorian are an award-winning and independent provider of corporate and fiduciary services. Working with corporate and private clients, Ocorian have a dynamic culture that supports investment success enabling their clients to reach their strategic goals.

The problem

Following a successful acquisition, Ocorian ended up with two Salesforce systems. Their original one, running on Classic, and an additional one from the acquired business, running on Lightning. They needed to integrate and align the data, data fields and format in a fast and seamless way, minimising the impact on the business.


Jorge Sanchez-Galiani, Associate Director, Marketing

“Ribbonfish provided a tailored solution within the required timeframe and quality expectations, making sure we retained visibility of the project development. Their project design and implementation approach ensured minimal business disruption, agile response to backroads and highly valuable technical guidance.”

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