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Social media isn’t just a place for meaningless chatter and catching up on celebrity fodder (although it’s there if you want it!). It’s also a platform for meaningful conversation, learning, and debate. Twitter in particular is a place to share tips and interesting facts with people who are relevant to your industry. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with those who you might never meet in ‘the real world’ and gain insight into their way of operating.
Although the followers tally is an important one, especially if you’ve got a message you want to share, the list of people who you are following is of equal importance. When it comes to honing your craft and learning all you can about the exciting world of Salesforce, there’s an abundance of experts on Twitter. They are willing and able to share their in-depth words of wisdom and practical advice with the world.
Here’s a list of the top ten Salesforce experts you should follow on Twitter today.

1. Brent Leary

Hailing from Stockbridge in Georgia, Brent claims to be a ‘guy trying to make sense of it all’. His personal website is a blog packed with actionable advice and commentary on trends within the Salesforce industry. Brent is moderately active on Twitter, and usually tweets out interesting links to articles in the news and on various websites.
Find him on @BrentLeary

2. Trish Bertuzzi

Trish concentrates on sales development and inside sales. She claims to be passionate about phone, the web and social prospecting. She’s extremely active, tweeting numerous times a day and communicating with other experts and followers. Click through to her blog, which is updated at least once a month with useful information on metrics, trends and analysis.
Find her on @BridgeGroupInc

3. Mike Gerholdt

Mike is a well-known speaker at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conferences, and leader of Salesforce Admin Evangelism. His blog, ButtonClickAdmin, is one of the most popular sites for Admins on the web. He’s definitely one to follow if you’re working with Salesforce.
Follow Mike on @MikeGerholdt

4. Adam Blitzer

Adam Blitzer is the general manager and co-founder of Pardot, which is the official B2B marketing branch of Salesforce. His tweets are worth a read, especially if you currently use Pardot.
Find Adam on @AdamBlitzer

5. Tal Frankfurt

Tal is the founder and CEO at Cloud 4 Good, which is a Salesforce consultancy for nonprofit organisations. He’s a Salesforce MVP and is leading the way in using cloud technology for social change. If you’re of a similar background, following this expert is a must.
Find him on @TalFrankfurt

6. Jamie Grenney

Jamie Grenney worked over at Salesforce for 11 years and watched it grow from a small business to a worldwide phenomenon. He’s currently the Vice President of marketing at Infer, based in San Francisco.
Find Jamie on @JamieGrenney

7. Peter Coffee

An expert in the field of technology and computing, Peter is the current VP for strategic research at Salesforce. He works directly with IT managers and software developers. He has a passion for innovation and collaborates closely with app developers.
Fin him on @PeterCoffee

8. Ben McCarthy

Ben is a highly qualified and six-time certified Salesforce MVP. He currently works for a fast-growing consultancy, and avidly blogs about Salesforce stuff on his own website. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced in the industry, his articles provide great insight.
Find him on @SalesforceBen

9. Becka Dente

Becka describes herself as a Salesforce enthusiast and inaugural MVP. She is a keen blogger on technology and her ‘musings of a Salesforce nerd’ make for great reading and viewing – with lots of behind-the-scenes photos and insights on the industry.
Follow Becka on @sfdc_nerd

10. Michael Lazerow

Michael has many strings to his bow, including the impressive title of Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce and the CEO of social media platform, Buddy Media. Not only is he an authority in his field, but his Twitter feed is full of humour and narrative on social issues.
Find Michael on @Lazerow

11. Marc Benioff (@Benioff)

And a bonus one for luck… This is the CEO of Salesforce himself. With almost 200k followers, this is a man you need to follow if you’re passionate about Salesforce, innovations, social commentary and business.
Find Mr. Benioff on @Benioff
Hopefully, this list has given you some indication of the quality Salesforce experts on Twitter who are waiting to be followed. Even if you’re not one to tweet and get involved, just sitting back and taking in the knowledge will be enough to improve on your understanding and awareness.
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