The publishing who’s who on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for connecting with people working in your field of interest or profession. If you frequent the publishing industry or have an interest in writing and publishing books, there are countless inspirational people to follow on Twitter.
Keep your finger on the pulse, get immediate insights and opinion, and just have a laugh. Without further ado, here are 11 interesting publishing people who are creating a buzz in the publishing world at the moment.

Molly Flatt

It’s refreshing to read the opinions of Molly Flatt. As a journalist, author, consultant, and Associate Editor of FutureBook, Molly expresses her views on how technology changes every aspect of our lives. Follow her for interesting titbits and insights on the technological side of things, with particular emphasis on the combo of tech and publishing.

Alison Jones

Alison Jones is former Director of Innovation Strategy at Macmillan, turned consultant and publishing partner. She hosts the Extraordinary Business Book Club, a podcast, blog and video website all about the world of business books, showcasing published works that have made a significant impact in their field. She has been a speaker at the London Book Fair, and is a well-respected figure in the publishing sphere.

Philip Jones

Philip Jones is editor of The Bookseller, which as most readers will know, is a website with cutting-edge articles about the world of publishing. Follow him to keep in touch with key information about publishing and find out which authors are currently causing a stir.

Lisa Lucus

Lisa is the Executive Director of the National Book Foundation and a publisher at Guernica magazine, a publication about art and politics. Passionate about promoting reading awareness, Lisa does a lot of good work recommending books to the public. Follow her to find out which books are hot and to feel energised by her enthusiasm for reading as a pastime.

Karolina Sutton

Being a literary agent, Karolina represents a range of talented writers at Curtis Brown. As a champion for excellent writing, her mission is to recognise talent and get it out there for us all to read. Follow her to get the buzz on up-and-coming authors and read captivating descriptions of their work.

Catherine Taylor

Catherine is the Deputy Director at English PEN, which is a global literary network dedicated to promoting the interests of writers and bringing down barriers to writing as a mode of expression. Follow her for up-to-date information on key issues in the publishing world, and recommendations and reviews of literature that’s currently making a stir.

Jon Winokur

Being an author himself, Jon explores the challenges of writing and gives advice to people who are just starting out or want to improve their literary skills. Follow Jon and find inspiring quotes and words of wisdom about the writing process.

Sam Missingham

Likely one of the most active publishing people on Twitter, Sam’s lively commentary on all things bookish has had a profound impact on the industry. As an original founder of FutureBook and current Head of Audience Development at HarperCollins, Sam provides regular insights and opinions on the book business.

Nathan Bransford

Nathan wrote a book called How to write a novel; he also writes a popular blog giving helpful advice for writers just starting out. Follow him for an interesting insight into the world of a writer and to find out how to succeed in the publishing world.

Dominique Raccah

Being an independent book publisher and entrepreneur, Dominique tweets musings about the publishing world from a place of experience and wisdom. With a focus on digital marketing, you will find lots of relevant links and tweets in this field if this is your area of interest.

Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a publisher with John Wiley & Sons with a specific interest in the technology of book publishing. Follow him for an insight into modern developments in the way books are produced.
This is only a snapshot of some of the most interesting publishing professionals you should be following on Twitter right now. Once you start following some key professionals and getting involved in conversations, you’ll soon broaden your reach and extend your list of contacts.
You also have the perfect platform to get involved in the conversations that interest you and ensure you’re kept abreast of the latest news and developments in the industry.
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