In this article, I was lucky enough to get an interview with Sanjeev Dash, a publishing industry veteran, and Head of Strategy at Ribbonfish.

Sanjeev gave me the scoop on Publicity by Ribbonfish, including three secrets that you can use to get the most from your Publicity by Ribbonfish implementation.

Read on to learn more!

What is publicity by Ribbonfish? 

Publicity by Ribbonfish is our leading tool for managing lists, such as publicity lists.  

Historically, managing lists, such as publicity lists, was a time consuming and resource intense task. The lists were managed in a variety of separate places and often, there would be different versions of each list! Publicity by Ribbonfish changes this and puts everything you need into one system.  

You first tag your contacts, then use our powerful search and match to create your lists and, when your lists are done, you distribute your list. It really is as simple as that!  

Who should be interested in Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

Anyone who is sending their content (e.g., books) to third party reviewers or experts in the industry to review the content and provide a marketing recommendation for the content.  

The common people you target using Publicity by Ribbonfish could be experts in the field, the media, or online influencers.  

The result of using Publicity by Ribbonfish is the provision of material that can be used for marketing or awards, or any other publicity material.  

What sets Publicity by Ribbonfish apart from the competition? 

Firstly, we are based on the Salesforce platform. Being built on Salesforce offers huge benefits including, but not limited to, the fact that users can login from anywhere on any device, users can benefit from regular updates to the platform by Salesforce, and the fact that it is an extremely flexible platform and easy to manage and administer. Salesforce also offers very powerful out of the box reporting that easily drives you towards data driven decision making.  

As we are built on Salesforce, Publicity by Ribbonfish is therefore also integrated into your contact database, which means you can use contacts in your lists straight away with no fuss. Also, if required, the system is flexible enough to, for example, keep publicity contacts separate from other teams and departments.  

As well as contacts being integrated, you can also integrate your products too, which means you can access all your products (even those in development) and match them to your contact list or search for appropriate contacts for that product.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish allows you to automate follow-ups and tracks tasks and activities and materials sent to the contacts (e.g., when they were sent and if there was a response etc.). Best of all, this is all done on one easy to navigate screen and is very flexible. Publicity by Ribbonfish allows users to create lists as needed, for example, by subject areas, time period or any other way you choose!  

Publicity by Ribbonfish allows users to focus on getting reviews, building relationships and nurturing contacts. You can also leverage the system to keep track of communications and interactions in an easy to navigate way. 

Our aim really was to make things as easy as possible for publicity users and you can easily see that when you start using the tool.  

What are some key benefits a company can expect to see, 6 months down the road after starting using Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

Put simply, Publicity by Ribbonfish is a productivity multiplier. For example, automated workflows will allow your existing team to run many more product publicity campaigns than they did on legacy systems and do so in a more effective manner. In addition, your team will be a lot more organized and key people, such as executives, will be able to track all the various feedback and metrics from the contacts.  

Without Publicity by Ribbonfish, you are doing all this publicity work in a very manual format.  

What are your 3 key secrets to truly unleashing the power of Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

First, make the most of tags. Publicity by Ribbonfish provides the ability to tag publicity contacts with any tag. The tags are key words that go beyond the standard contact metadata to further define contacts interests, subject areas, expertise etc. Be creative with your tags – there are no restrictions on how and what you tag your contacts with.  

Secondly, the Search & Match. The Search & Match function gives users the ability to easily narrow down their target audience using various powerful filters to search and match the product to your contact. If you have followed my first secret above and are using tags effectively, then this second step is going to result in well-defined and targeted lists. Publicity allows users to use more than one tag and very easily build complex filters and logic into your search results.  

Thirdly, make the most of our productivity features. Publicity by Ribbonfish is packed full of efficiency focused features. For example, users can clone publicity lists (e.g., year on year or for comparable products) and simply amend the list contacts. Your system training and subsequent tailored services and partnership packages can help you make the most of these types of features.  

What other products, features, and services supplement Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

We provide a Tailored Services & Partnership package that can offer our clients huge benefits post go-live. We understand that whilst our clients may be ‘publishers’, they all have diverse ways of working. The Tailored Services & Partnership package provides ‘x’ days per month that our clients can use for anything with our pool of certified experts (e.g., developers, administrators, consultants, architects). For example, they can use the days for custom development for a bespoke process they run internally, or they can use it for reports and dashboard building, data migration, or training.  

We also have an ‘Awards’ product that allows you to track various awards in the year and match your products to relevant awards. ‘Awards’ also allows you to apply for awards. ‘Awards’ ties in nicely with Publicity by Ribbonfish because the outputs of Publicity can be used seamlessly with ‘Awards’ and everything is in one place.  

Finally, the Publishing Accelerator is also a key product that we offer that can supplement Publicity by Ribbonfish. The Publishing Accelerator is based on Salesforce and contains everything you need to manage your contacts, products, and sampling and is tailored to Publishers.  

What is next on the roadmap for Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

We do three major releases a year and we are excited to bring further improvements to Publicity by Ribbonfish in the future. One of the things that I would be keen to see is further integration with the post room and the mail room to print the labels for the packages that subsequently get sent as a result of each list.

Thank you Sanjeev!

If you want to harness the power of Publicity by Ribbonfish, you can contact Ribbonfish right now for a demo via [email protected].