5 Odd Ways to Use Empty Office Space

Cloud computing is opening up all sorts of opportunities for more flexible working. The ability to access business applications from remote locations has revolutionised IT and the way that businesses operate. Will offices soon be obsolete?

And if so, what do you do with the empty office space left behind when your team is working remotely?

We’ve thought of some interesting ways to convert that empty space into something useful!…

Bowling Alley

build a bowling alley in the office
If it’s good enough for American presidents, it’s good enough for us. Nixon was well-known for his love of bowling, so much so that he organised for a bowling alley to be built in the White House. A good use of space if ever I’ve seen one!

Build a Zoo

build a zoo in the office
You may think there are already enough animals in your office, but think how amazing it would be to have a pet grizzly bear wandering around. OK, perhaps a little dangerous.

Build a Golf Course

build a golf course in the office
Mini-golf is probably one of the more traditional setups in any office, and there’s a chance that your boss might have one of these already. Nothing better than a pitch’n’putt on a Monday morning.

Build a Cinema

build a cinema in the office
Office life isn’t usually full of scenes fit for Hollywood, but in turning your office into a cinema you can bring some of that magic into the workplace. With ticket prices these days, you could make a fortune!

Fill it With Servers!

build a server room in the office
If everything is moving to the cloud, then perhaps you should utilise that free office space to host some servers! Get that data centre up and running!
Cloud computing is opening up all sorts of opportunities for business, to see how we can implement a bespoke business system for you, get in touch!
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