In previous articles about our Accelerator, you will have been given a good insight into some of the reasons why the CRM accelerator will excel rapidly advance your business transformation plan.

Getting started is simple and, if you want to get value immediately without any customisations, we can usually get you up and running fast in 5 simple steps!  

And do not worry, we will be with you the whole time, to ensure your project is a success.

What are your 5 steps to success? 

Assuming you have no additional services or extra customisation and you have the resources internally to handle a new project: –  

  • ‘We Set You Up’ – Step 1 – Our services team will configure, install and setup your system.   
  • ‘Migrate Your Data’ – Step 2 – Whilst our team are setting up your system, you will be getting ready to migrate your data. We will provide expert advice along the way. For example, we will show you how you need to structure your data for a successful load.  
  • ‘Train your Users’ – Step 3 – After the system has been setup and your data is ready for migration, we will provide your key users with everything they need to know to get started on the system. Our training covers day to day usage, reports & dashboards, basic customisation and more.  
  • ‘Go-Live’ – Step 4 – Now that the system is setup, the data is ready and the users are trained, the next step is the go-live. We will provide support to you over the initial go-live period to ensure it’s a success.  
  • ‘Get Added Value’ – Step 5 – Now that your system is up and running, you can take your implementation further by adding new modules, features and quality of life improvements for all users. We would love to be with you and share our expertise in this too.

Getting started

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