Innovation at its best in Britain

Despite increased government and community support, it can be tough to make waves within your industry as a startup business in the UK. In today’s fast-paced and over-saturated world, it’s not enough to simply have a great idea. It has to be unique, innovative and a clear-cut slap in the face to all of those who witness it.
Disruptive businesses share common ground, whether they’re from the world of retail, technology, logistics or sports. All of these hard-hitting start-ups make an impact while offering originality and genuine excitement. The difficulty is getting through that first year, especially if there’s no venture capital involved to fund progression.
Here’s a look at seven disruptive UK start-up businesses that have led the way in 2015.
Scratch that, we’ve updated this article to include 12 startups that have lit up the past two years.

1. Big Sofa

Video management and analytics experts, Big Sofa, have had a successful year thanks to collaborations with the UK Government and Barclays. They’ve taken a different standpoint while developing film and video by focusing on human interactions. The ‘relatability’ factor is their essential ingredient, by taking an interest in how people actually live and what’s important to them. It’s from this invaluable research they can create a story that connects with people.
You can read more about Big Sofa on their website.

2. Cahootsy

Cahootsy offers consumers what they actually want, rather than what retailers want them to have. They’ve started to revolutionise the way retailers market and choose their discounts and offers. Touted as the ‘reverse Groupon’, they concentrate on offering moneysaving deals on products that are coveted. Not only is this great news for the bank balances of consumers, but it also gives the power back to consumers.
Learn more about Cahootsy on their website.

3. Golfscape

The superpowers of internet technology have finally reached the golf world. Golfscape has produced an online database of golf courses in around 47 countries worldwide. Not only will consumers be able to view real-time profile pages of their chosen golf course, but they will also be able to book it through the website. The database will revolutionise the industry, as tour operators currently take the majority of bookings. As the popularity of golf rises, this marketplace will ensure it keeps on growing.
See what Golfscape do on their website.

4. My Parcel Delivery

A real story of one man fulfilling a need, My Parcel Delivery was started up by David Grimes after he became increasingly annoyed at the limited options available when sending parcels. He saw a gap in the market and created an extremely successful parcel delivery comparison website. This has given consumers more options than bog standard Royal Mail, and has been a hit with around 100,000 customers so far.
Learn more about My Parcel Delivery on their website.

5. DAD

We’ve all had that time when something goes wrong with the house and you’re not sure what to do. This revolutionary new app puts you in touch with the right expert, face-to-face, through a video call. The experts will either fix the issue by directing the caller to through a step-by-step guide, or will recommend the next course of action. Users can also book their callout through the app, benefitting from flexible scheduling times and real-time location tracking.
You can sign up for the DAD service on their website.

6. One Fine Stay

After the continued success of Airbnb, the concept of offering holiday accommodation in someone’s home isn’t something new, but what’s causing a disruption in the hospitality industry is the quality of the homes on offer. One Fine Stay gives you luxury, dreamlike homes, with a hotel experience. Fresh linens, bathroom products, and staff who will clean and re-stock. It’s the best of both worlds, under one stunning roof.
You can find your fine stay on their website.

7. Frillo

Ecommerce keeps on growing, and Frillo are supplying offices in a unique and intriguing manner. They earn no mark-up on the products for sale and instead charge a delivery and handling charge. The wholesalers themselves dispatch the products. This is an exciting middleman strategy, which equates to no-stock and less risk. This demonstrates fresh thinking in a fast-paced, ever-changing retail market. Their aim is to help start-up and small businesses by offering moneysaving deals and low price items.
Learn more about Frillo on their website.

8. Bibliotech

Called “the Spotify of textbooks,” Bibliotech is a web app where university students can access their textbooks anytime using any device. The app also has a handy function where users can quickly search across all their textbooks to find the content they need, like diagrams, text, examples and references.
The developers of Bibliotech aim to make undergraduates affordably access textbooks for a small monthly fee. So far, the app has collected a large amount of chemistry textbooks in the UK, and are looking to widen their catalogue by adding new books related to other fields of study, such as medicine, law, mathematics and physics.
You can read more about Bibliotech on their website.

9. Gideon Smart Home

Want to make the world a little bit greener? This innovative app gives you full control of all your smart devices, from entertainment systems to security, heating and lighting. Gideon Smart Home has other cool features – You can control your Smart Home connected devices wherever and whenever you want, automate your daily activities, monitor energy consumption, and manage multiple properties.
These functions ultimately save you time and money, and make you reduce energy consumption.
You can read more about Gideon on their website.

10. Revolut

Managing and using money should be fairly simple. Revolut, a global money app, addresses this concern. It cuts hidden banking fees to zero. It also allows you to send and receive money instantly through the app or social networks, spend money anywhere in the world and exchange currencies at the real exchange rate.
Revolut was founded by young entrepreneurs who are determined to disrupt the old-fashioned banking industry.
You can read more about Revolut on their website.

11. OFF3R

According to a study commissioned by the World Bank, the global crowdfunding investment market is estimated to reach between $90 to 96 billion. OFF3R, a critically acclaimed mobile app, takes advantage of this opportunity. This app displays over 20 of the leading alternative finance platforms.
It has a swipe function like Tinder, making it simple to browse and follow deals, watch pitch videos and learn about investment opportunities. You can also receive notifications to stay up to date with your favourite opportunities.

12. Futureproofs

UK-based publishing startup Futureproofs makes editors’ day-to-day work better. It is a simple and powerful online platform that helps book teams save time and money on their proofs.
It offers real-time collaboration where editors and authors can easily correct proofs anytime and anywhere, raise queries and get instant notifications of responses, and see the progress of projects in real time. With more efficient workflows, books can be published much faster.
You can read more about Futureproofs on their website.
Having a groundbreaking idea will only get you so far; it’s about how you develop and market that idea that counts at the end of the day. These disruptive businesses have blood, sweat and tears to show for it, and will hopefully continue to grow from strength to strength.
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