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Whether you’re a novice with a keen interest in technology or a corporate executive seeking IT solutions for a big organisation, technology blogs are an excellent source of information. From individual enthusiasts to teams of technological specialists, there are many different writers out there with a vast array of information on the latest developments in areas such as gadgets, software and IT strategies for business.
Finding a good blog is akin to getting hooked on a gripping book; once you find a site with information you’re interested in communicated in a style that works for you, you’ll keep going back for more.
Here are 7 of the most interesting technology blogs on the web at the moment.
Scratch that, we’ve extended this post to 12!

1. Guardian Tech

With a dedicated team of technology experts, the Guardian offers readers a varied insight into the world of technology with articles about computing and gadgetry being at the forefront of items covered. Topics come from a variety of sources and global locations. This is certainly a good port of call for someone with a keen interest in the worldwide development of technology in its many forms.
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2. Econsultancy

This blog is aimed at digital marketing and ecommerce professionals. Having won multiple awards, this site is carefully constructed to give advice and opinions on marketing and digital platforms based on knowledge and experience. The team also provide training and events within the industry, so it’s definitely a useful site for information and upskilling your team if you’re a business professional in this sector.
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3. is one of the UK’s leading business technology blogs. Aimed at IT leaders, this site provides a forum for professionals to enter into discussion and debate about the latest business technology issues. The site is updated daily by in-house reporters and guest experts working within the field, so many different viewpoints are established.
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4. Tech World

This daily updated blog offers the latest information on IT development and relates it specifically to the effects it has on UK businesses and society in general. Covering a range of topics from cyber security to the use of drones, this diversely populated blog is a must if you’re looking for information on a niche area of technology. The expert writers originate from many different areas of the industry so you can expect articles written from a good range of different viewpoints.
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5. David Rowan’s Wired blog

David Rowan is editor of Wired Magazine and offers a wealth of advice and information for individuals with an interest in technology or professionals working in the industry. From reviews of games and gadgets to tips for small businesses, this blog has wide appeal. David Rowen is a writer on a mission to make advances in making technology easier to understand for a wider audience.
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6. Gadgette

Gadgette is run by Holly Brockwell, who is the former editor of ShinyShiny. She’s a huge player in the tech industry, and winner of Drum’s Woman of the Year 2015. Supported by a small team of brilliant staff writers, Gadgette focuses on consumer tech, gaming, science, digital, and much more besides. This blog is truly inclusive, championing women in STEM and providing genuinely useful and honest reviews, features, and opinion pieces.
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7. Which? Tech Daily

This blog focuses specifically on new products as they come out and aims to put hype into perspective with realistic product reviews. If you are interested in buying a new piece of technology, this is a great blog to glean information from experts, who have carried out tests on it and given it a rating. With a range of reviews from computers to washing machines, there is a great deal of consumer information on here for the general public.
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8. V3 – The Frontline Blog

Part of the Incisive Media Publishing, V3 is known for its news, product reviews and opinion on digital transformation in business technology. The ‘frontline’ blog is a valuable resource for technology professionals who want to read well-written opinions about various technology related topics.
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9. Zath

Zath is run by Simon Barker, a former Oracle HR database system administrator and freelance IT consultant. The blog provides news, reviews and how-to-guides on the latest technology products, software applications, gaming and gadgets.
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10. Computerworld UK

Computerworld bills itself as the “Voice of Business Technology.” Its aim is to help IT professionals to navigate an increasingly cluttered information landscape by understanding the real issues and delivering relevant, high-quality content to broaden knowledge and expertise. The blog is easy to navigate with posts categorised into various topics, such as cloud computing, IT management, IT business, data, infrastructures and mobile.
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11. Mighty Gadget

Mighty Gadget is a blog dedicated to the latest technology and gadget news and reviews. The site frequently reviews products so it is very useful for people wanting to know more about the latest gadgets in the market, such as phones, tablets, home automation, audio-visual equipment and fitness trackers.
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12. bit-tech

Bit-tech is UK’s leading online destination for tech enthusiasts, early adopters and gamers. Bit-tech has a reputation for providing impartial and opinionated pieces on computer hardware, games and other technology. It also has an extensive forum for readers who like to interact with fellow techies.
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There has never before been such a wealth of information available on technology, regardless of who you are and what you are looking for, so get clicking and check out some of the above websites today.
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