An honest look at one of our favourite platforms

We’re honest about the technologies that we use at Ribbonfish. Nothing’s perfect, but we work hard to build solutions that don’t cause our clients any trouble. One of our key platforms is Salesforce, and it’s great. But like everything else in life, there can be frustrations.
Here’s Marc Defosse’s thoughts on what sucks and what rules about Salesforce. There’s actually 9 things that suck and 10 that rule, but that wouldn’t make a catchy title, would it?

9 things that suck about Salesforce

1 – No event on Page Load, and no default values on fields, etc.
2 – Can’t set size for Name field. This is a problem when it’s one of the core fields that shows in every list. This is compounded by the fact that the size is different depending on objects and not easily accessible.
3 – No API access to the general search.
4 – The Name field can’t be easily automated, resulting in having to work-around with override or WF rules after save. This is very annoying to apply consistent naming conventions to opportunities, for example.
5 – Certifications are meaningless. Amount of 401 that have no idea about doing anything on is staggering. Salesforce should remove “by heart” quizzes and replace with genuine value-based questions.
6 – Their security review for Apps is soooooo long and based on criteria that are farcical. SOQL injections? Really!?
7 – Their offices are much nicer than ours.
8 – No Callouts during Automated testing. Forces to be agile!
9 – Lookup search that is empty to start with and doesn’t work with * only.

10 things that rule about Salesforce

1 – Ability to create applications at the speed of light.
2 – Ability to easily set permissions both at field level but also record level with no code
3 – Ability to have different UI on a per profile per context using the Record Type assignments. So powerful and doesn’t require any code.
4 – Out of the box Workflow and Approval meet 80% of the needs.
5 – Salesforce 1. It all works on mobile!
6 – It is web-based and does work in all browsers.
7 – The App Market allows us to quickly demo features to client and/or significantly improve time to market.
8 – Extends to pretty much everything you wish for with code.
9 – Documentation and support of the community. Awesome.
10 – No software. No hardware.

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