On the 21st of May some of the RibbonFish Team and I attended the Salesforce world tour in London! One thing for sure is that Salesforce definitely know how to throw an event! As a first-timer attending the event, it definitely exceeded my expectations. Arriving at the event at 8.00am and not leaving until 8.00pm definitely meant it was a long day, but was extremely worth it!
We started the day by attending the breakout sessions, the amount of people there made networking so exciting and a little overwhelming! The amount of freebies we got given was also an amazing bonus, from books to pens to phone cases to free coffee!
After the Breakout sessions the Key Notes was next on the agenda! This was a fantastic experience! No one had prepared me for the huge performance that took place when Keith Block (Vice Chairman and President of Salesforce) entered, which included violinists, a laser light show and a James Bond style video! The Key Note session was mainly focused on satisfying customers and a number of high-profile global customers demonstrated how the platform is the world’s most trustworthy enterprise cloud.
Another thing that impressed me while being at the tour was the work Salesforce are doing to help kids learn code. CoderDojo is free community based coding club for young people, with ages varying from 7 to 17 which is led by volunteers.  In the developer zone kids as young as 7 were found using the Scratch drag-and-drop programming tool to create games. The kids I spoke to were loving the Salesforce event and seemed like they was having so much fun.
Overall the event was a huge success and went off with a bang, I cannot wait to attend again!