The marketplace for enterprise apps

The AppExchange is the leading marketplace for business apps, with a proven track record and millions of downloads. It’s a cloud-computing marketplace that’s linked with – and owned by – Salesforce. It’s also available to third party developers, ensuring a diverse and varied selection of enterprise applications.
It’s the first of its kind with the largest array of apps available, with instant access. There are over 1,800 apps available and a large portion are free. The AppExchange is integrated into the existing platform, so all you need is a Salesforce account and an internet connection. It couldn’t be easier, or more accessible.
It’s open to any industry, and it’s easy to multitask and manage direct from one platform. The apps are moderated and regulated by Salesforce to ensure the best possible quality, and you are able to download a demo, browse user reviews and read informative descriptions to determined whether the app is right for your organisation. As a result, you can conduct a risk-free assessment before undertaking the investment.

How to use AppExchange

First and foremost, you need to be an existing member of Salesforce. If this is the case, you simply visit The AppExchange website, search through the categories and find the one you’re looking for. Click ‘Get it now’ to install, add the app, configure and away you go. It’s a simple and intuitive user experience, and there’s also a support network in place if you have any questions or concerns.

Which categories are available?

Your sales are extremely important to your organisation. Without keeping on top of your sales and measuring performance, your business will undoubtedly suffer. That’s why there are around one thousand apps to choose from in this category.
Here you can find apps for constructing action plans and configuring price quotes, and much more. One of the most popular apps is the Conga Composer, which lets you automate documents, presentations and reports straight from Salesforce. It has five stars by existing users.
Another popular app is Yes Ware, which helps you to sync your sales emails, calls and calendar activity straight from Outlook or Gmail to Salesforce.
Customer service:
Now more than ever, excellent customer service is imperative. In the digital world, it’s much easier for customers to express dissatisfaction via the internet and social media. Not only this, but effective customer service helps you to retain your current customers and attract new ones via positive reviews.
For example, there are many highly reputable survey apps that will help you track your customers’ satisfaction, giving you a clear idea of the performance of your staff and overall business. New Voice Media have built an app that helps you to keep in contact with your existing connections easier and more reliably while on the move.
Human Resources:
Cloud technology has reinvented the way HR departments function. It’s seamless, efficient and direct. The AppExchange has around 251 apps for human resources, ranging from recruitment to managing current employees.
M|ployee has five stars and manages all aspects of HR, including the crucial recruitment process, on-going performance statistics and absence levels, and it also provides clear reports. You can expect to pay around $149 per month.
Then there’s the impressive Job Science that’s ideal for staffing and recruitment agencies. It has already won five Salesforce awards. Not only this, but 189 reviews have lead to a successful five stars and it’s rated number one in its category. It offers modern sourcing tools, sales and marketing, reports, social interrogations and is completely mobile.
Other Categories:
Other categories include marketing, IT, administration, finance, enterprise resource planning, collaborations and analytics. There are also categories within categories, so the possibilities are endless. As an example, the sales section has a further fourteen sub-categories, so you’re never going to be short on ideas.
There is an app to suit every industry but some of the main ones are education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and real estate. If you’re an existing Salesforce user, widen your horizons and open your business to more possibilities by visiting the Salesforce AppExchange. These apps are easy to use and enhance the Salesforce experience even further.

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