Do Apps Make You Super Human?

What I love about mobile apps is the the possibility that they will improve life as we know it. Unlike anything we had before, they have the ability to improve our lives. Like Batman and his utility belt, we now carry all these tools for any eventuality. Apps, and mobile computing, will make us super-human.
I get a lot of people giving me ideas for apps lately. Usually, they are small-time . . . gimmicky little apps (on parr with a fart machine) or social media apps that could just as easily be on a website. But the apps that excite me are the ones that keep me prepared for anything:
I’ve always got a camera and video camera in case I ever see a UFO or celebrity.
– I’ve got a phone, of course, in case of any emergency.
– I’ve got GPS and maps in case I ever get lost.
– I’ve got books to read and games to play in case I ever get bored.
– I’ve got Ear Spy (plug, plug, plug) in case I can’t hear something very well.
– I’ve got Google Sky Maps in case I want to know what is up in the sky.
– I’ve got Shazam in case I need to know what music is playing.
– I’ve got Spotify, in case I need to listen to vintage Van Halen at a moment’s notice.
– I’ve got apps to learn or translate any language.
– I’ve got the weather report at any time.
Etc, etc, etc.
It’s amazing how many people have told me, even recently, that mobile is a fad. The ability to carry this stuff around on us at all times is more than just convenient– it is life-enhancing.
It’s better than Batman’s utility belt, actually, because it fits in our pockets. We don’t even have to wear a big yellow belt that doesn’t go with any other outfit.
Now, if someone can figure out how to create a shark repellant app, it would be awesome for my tool kit…because you never know.
This article is taken from Eric’s own blog on the Overpass website. Eric has developed Apps such as; Ear Spy, Alarm Spy, and Bubble Bath Typing