Have you maintained your New Year’s Resolutions? Is the remainder  2013 going to be happy? Most of us have preconceived ideas of what would make us happy, and we refuse to be satisfied until those things happen.
You can decide to be happy – even if everything in your life isn’t perfect.
The first and most important thing to understand about happiness is that it is largely a choice you make. Sometime serious and challenging situations make it difficult for us to feel happy but more often than not we allow the little things to build up and block our happiness.
Below are 4 suggestions:
1) Not material. Look beyond the material possessions that you own (do they really own you!). Switch your focus to what you have other than your ‘things’, loving family, close friends etc.
2) Be grateful. Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind that you can adopt. Shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have. As you focus more on what you are grateful to have (not things), you worry less about anything that may be lacking.
3) Take time. If you spend most of your days feeling rushed and under pressure, it’s hard to feel happy and content. You need to make time for yourself to relax, dream, and enjoy the simpler moments. Try something new, read a new different book, visit the newly opened restaurant, take a walk around a park.
4) Love the journey. Many of us make the mistake of pinning all of our hopes, expectations and dreams on some vague, far-off result. We have a misguided belief that when we get to this ‘place’ everything will be perfect and we’ll finally be happy. Far more happiness can felt from the progress towards the end goal. Set yourself milestones and enjoy every step.
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