Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) is a popular idea. The majority of costs are burdened by the employee as they pay for their device and/or contract, so their company can save a lot of cash. Likewise, the employees are happy to be able to bring their favourite device to work and not be forced into using a corporate tool that they don’t like.
It’s popular in the public sector too, with Computer Weekly reporting that Cambridgeshire County Council have recently rolled out BYOD for 4,500 employees in their organisation, with the implementation requiring users to download an app and conduct all council-related use through it. No training required, safe, and secure.
But another recent trend in business is the idea of ‘Choose Your Own Device’ (CYOD) – meaning that companies offer the staff the choice from a limited selection of devices.
Cambridgeshire County Council’s BYOD app idea is novel and will save costs in the long run, but not all organisations can implement this. The benefit of CYOD instead is that organisations can pick a limited list of devices to provide to their team. The IT team can adapt their expertise to manage the support of this list of devices, ensuring that they can guarantee security and business integration. It is essential to be able to synchronise business processes, and this is more manageable when there is a spectrum of devices that systems need to work on.
However, these days, people want their devices to be less “corporate”, and we can see this with the re-design of Blackberry and complete overhaul of their operating system. A firm favourite amongst BYOD employees is guaranteed to be the iPhone, so iOS functionality and integration is something that needs to be considered more and more when developing solutions.
Some existing business applications may be too “established” for an iPad or the shiny new Microsoft Surface to support. But this shouldn’t hold you back, as it is possible to develop customised solutions to take your business forward. Mobile collaboration is Key to modern business, and investing in a CYOD policy may open up a great opportunity to implement an enterprise-wide mobile tool that compliments and expands your existing systems. 
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