We ‘re delighted to have recently started a new support contract at Cambridgeshire County Council, and look forward to working with them for the next year. Gaining this contract is another superb achievement for us at RibbonFish, so we thought we’d let you know about the process.
We were aware that Cambridgeshire County Council used Onyx CRM (Customer Relationship Management) v.5 – a technology that we have significant experience in developing and supporting. Due to this, we felt that we could provide a good service so approached them with a portfolio of our work and client testimonials, and enquired about when the re-tender process was due, and how to add our company details to their suppliers list.
As with all local authority and government organisations, the tendering process begins with a registration on a procurement website. Here we entered all our company details including experience and areas of expertise. Shortly after registering, we received notification of an RFQ (Request for Quote) for OneServe v.5 software support, Cambridgeshire County Council CRM system. The RFQ was weighted 60 / 40 on expertise & experience / price, so our history in managing and supporting Onyx-based systems was crucial in determining the outcome of our application.
At a time when many authorities are having to demonstrate efficiencies and cost savings, it was important to offer our services at a price that delivers reasonable value for Cambridgeshire County Council. It was also essential that we also demonstrated how we could effectively and efficiently deliver beyond the expected service SLA’s (Service Level Agreement).
RibbonFish always promise consistent and efficient communication with clients, so we set up a section on our Microsoft SharePoint site dedicated to this agreement and our on-going relationship with Cambridgeshire County Council. As discussed in a recent article, we primarily use SharePoint as a central repository for information, and decided that this would be a great method to help manage our support. SharePoint logs all documentation, contact details, calendar, the support log, and release notes for any completed work.
It’s encouraging to know that our depth of knowledge in developing and supporting CRM on a fixed price can help us secure excellent clients, and this is an exciting new challenge for us. We anticipate this project to be success and to continue working with Cambridgeshire County Council.
Marc Defosse, Managing Director.
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