The theory of CRM has been around for a number of years. Pretty much everybody agrees that it is a positive idea and that synchronising business processes can enhance performance and efficiency considerably.
But there is still a way to go, which is one reason why IT consultancy  & CRM companies like us still have a job to do in this sector.
Cross-departmental CRM solutions are still not implemented across all companies, despite the clear business benefits. Existing systems can often be difficult to integrate, and transferring a whole business database across to a new system can sometimes be troublesome and expensive.
It could be an investment worth undertaking.
In medium-large companies, various different departments deal with different data all at the same time. Departments also have very specific guidelines as to how they utilise their systems, and a specialised way of working in general. This makes tailoring a CRM for company-wide use a challenging, but not impossible, task.
Firstly, you need to understand what each department want from their system. You’ll undoubtedly find that usability and a well-designed user interface are essential no matter who you talk to.
The sales & marketing department may need input sales data, while the customer service department might want to log complaints and enquiries. One way of keeping all the data on one system without compromising universal usability is to develop profiling – meaning that each user has a bespoke personalised interface designed specifically for them, whilst still being able to locate and browse data used by other users in other departments. This means that the user isn’t confused by unnecessary information, but still has the benefits of a truly centralised and instantly updated CRM system. This profiling can be designed for the individual user or alternatively for the department that they work in.
Businesses are constructed of many different people, interested in many different aspects of the company. Universally they have one thing in common; wanting the company to excel.
Implementing a centralised cross-departmental CRM solution can have a massive effect on your company by making essential data accessible to every area of the business, and if designed correctly, can improve user experience in the process.
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