How Can CRM Help Small Businesses?

CRM systems are essential to making sure your business doesn’t miss any chances to retain and extend a valued client base. You may consider CRM to be the stuff of large corporations, but the fact is that any business of any size can benefit from managing relationships with their clients and customers.

One of the biggest challenges for small to medium sized businesses is keeping themselves on top of customer and client data. It’s not only existing customers’ information that needs to be saved, organised, and used, but also prospective clients too. Making this valuable data clearly organised and easily available to be actioned must be a major priority for businesses of all sizes.

In an increasingly fast-paced business world, effective capturing and maintenance of client and prospect data can ensure that small businesses are up to the pace and can act swiftly when an existing client has an issue, or when a prospect is showing interest in a particular product or service.

An effective Customer Relationship Management system has a number of key benefits for many different departments in any size enterprise. Forbes cites recent studies outlining that companies with a fully implemented and utilised CRM can increase sales by up to 29%. This is very much based on buy-in from staff and effective utilisation of the system for the purposes of its design.

Benefits For Sales Reps

In a very small business, the sales representative can often be the managing director of the company. Some businesses – even when small – maintain a dedicated sales team. Regardless of whether the line of communication between the rep and the rest of the team is relatively smooth, a CRM formalises the process and means nothing is missed when discussing delivery of the service or product.

Before visiting a prospect, sales teams can evaluate the client so they don’t go into the meeting entirely blind. CRM can provide information about the individual’s or company’s background, their needs, and their competitive positioning. This allows for a better sales approach, using the data to develop an understanding of the prospect to really target the issues most important to them.

Benefits For Customer Service

Customer service representatives have a tough job at the best of times. A good CRM system can allow them to better understand the issues that clients and customers may have, and makes them able to stay on top of accounts, including the history of the any orders, errors, and issues. This means that when somebody comes to them with a problem, they are better placed to empathise with what has gone before, but more importantly in a great position to address the issues and solve the problem.

How Do You Ensure That CRM Will Work For Your Business?

Firstly, it is important to not get too complicated with the implementation. A simple start can ensure a profitable future. Many small businesses have a relatively small client base, so getting used to Customer Relationship Management as the business develops is a good technique in ensuring that you are prepared for broader use further down the line.

It is also important to act quickly. Many systems allow real time reporting, and opportunities must be grasped immediately to fully make use of this benefit.

Choosing The Right CRM

There are many CRM solutions on the market, and it is difficult to choose which one is most applicable to your business, especially if funds are limited. But there are many options out there; Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one option, and is another very popular choice that offers a lot of flexibility. Alternatively, you can get a CRM application developed for you as a bespoke solution. Implementing a bespoke system means that every aspect of the application is tailored to your business’ need – no features are wasted, and staff buy-in is maximised.

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