Last March 8, we had the penultimate session for Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge. Given the busy schedules of the Ribbonfish team as well as the participants, we decided to conduct it virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Presentation of Projects

During this session, all individuals showcased their progress in building an innovative app using Salesforce, supercharged by Experience Cloud. They enhanced the digital experience by improving the level of customization and upgrading their dashboards, spaces, and workflows.

From one presentation to another, each person demonstrated how they turned their vision into reality. Their projects are a unique representation of their individualities as they embarked on projects that resonated with them.

While others have focused on the initial task of building a recruitment app, many have chosen to create something entirely different like an educational tool, gaming aggregator, and demand tethering salary solution. Led by the dynamic duo of Kevin and Emily, they shared their insights so that all participants can fine tune their ideas before the big finish.

In the final phase of this two-month journey, participants will integrate automation and artificial intelligence into their platforms. For this reason, they are tasked to leverage Salesforce Einstein – the first comprehensive AI in CRM. This addition will not only enhance the functionality of their apps but also showcase their ability to innovate with cutting-edge technology.

What’s Next?

Looking forward, on the 22nd, we will also be awarding the top three participants of the challenge with the overall winner getting as much as £5,000 in prizes. We eagerly anticipate their final showcase during this culminating event, where their hard work and innovation will be celebrated!

Surely, it will be another exciting and memorable night, but only a handful can emerge victorious. Stay tuned as we reach the conclusion of the Dive into Tech Challenge!