Motivating your organisation’s sales team

Most people who work in a sales team start off well motivated and keen to do their job effectively, regardless of intervention from managers. We all enjoy activities when they’re new, but when we have done them time and time again, they can lose their appeal. Over time and without the right supervision, staff can become less interested in what they are doing, and in no time at all your business will suffer.
By implementing some creative ideas designed to motivate people on a daily basis, you can keep your team engaged with what they do, so your company can achieve consistently high sales figures. Here are some ideas to keep your team motivated and on track.

Recognise Individual Achievements and Reward Them

This sounds easier than it is, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to make it clear who’s on top to keep them motivated and inspire the rest of the team to improve their figures. You might display a leader board or use something more fun like a crown for the leader to wear. Make sure you give a reward to the person who consistently comes out on top. This could be a gift or time off for example.

In a high-pressured environment, people want to feel that their good effort is rewarded, and that if they work hard good things will happen. There is nothing worse than employees feeling as though their work is a thankless task. Show them they’re doing well and set up a culture of reward. A good reward system is a great way to keep everyone motivated and interested in what they are doing.


Celebrate as a Team

When your employees are busy and running off adrenaline, they want to feel as though they have something to look forward to. Everybody needs downtime when they can relax and enjoy themselves. Plan social events at the end of busy times when sales figures have been good so that people’s efforts can be rewarded. This might be going out for drinks, an office party or ordering in lunch for everyone.

They will appreciate the reward and enjoy spending time with their colleagues in a different context to work. When people get to know each other, they generally work better as a team and enjoy working together that little bit more. After having some fun together, your staff will work harder towards another successful month so they can repeat the experience.


Include Fun Activities as Part of Your Daily Practice

This could be playing favourite music when a big sale is made so that the team can dance or sing, or you might consider having a gaming room onsite so people can use their breaks to do something exciting with their teammates. Maybe you could provide sports equipment so your staff can let off some steam when they are not working. Zumba classes are also great fun, so paying an instructor to come in and give your team the opportunity to do some enjoyable exercise together would go down well. Sometimes having some time away from work doing something fun can put staff in a better frame of mind to do their work and it will keep everyone in a positive mindset.

The key to a successful sales team is making sure that every member feels appreciated and that hard work is noticed and rewarded. Making your workspace a fun environment and providing activities staff can do together other than work will allow your team to get some downtime so they can keep a good perspective on what they’re doing. Your staff should enjoy being at work and gain a sense of achievement from being successful in their job. If you give your team as many positive associations with work as possible, they’ll stay motivated and do the best possible job they can for you.