A couple of weeks ago, we had the final playback of Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge. Held at our London office, it marked the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and perseverance from the top five finalists of this competition. By leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities, each individual has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of technology.

On the side of Ribbonfish, we were joined by Antonina, Emily, and Kevin as they facilitated the flow of the Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge. Meanwhile, the Head of Events for the Data Science Society at University College London, Mungo Mangat, joined us as this night’s guest judge. He expressed his enthusiasm as well as imparted some words of wisdom to the challengers. To kick off this event, Sam delivered the opening remarks with a recorded message all the way from Manila. She highlighted the creativity ingenuity exhibited by the participants and wished them the best of luck as they shared their final projects.

Kyla’s Project: Maya – Game Publisher and Distributor

From this point onwards, each individual was given 15-minutes to showcase their creations. To start off, Kyla introduced Maya – a game publisher and distributor that enhances the transparency of the game development process by connecting publishers with developers and gamers. By using Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, she was able to create paths that documented the games and their respective processes and add videos for educational purposes – both of which contributed a unique and tailored experience for customers and developers.

Fion’s Project: ELECTRO – Educational App

Meanwhile, Fion unveiled ELECTRO which is an educational app for teachers, students, and educational provider. It seeks to make learning electronics and computer technologies fun, personalized, and effective to empower tomorrow’s innovator. In terms of improvements, she emphasized how she got to put content to each topic, schedule live classes and 1-on-1 sessions in the calendar, embed videos, add a note section, and make a dashboard for clients among others. All of these features demonstrated her profound understanding of automation and artificial intelligence.

Lee’s Project: Recruitment App

On the other hand, Lee presented his recruitment app which links the clients, recruitment agency, and applicants to one another. In the client page, he outlined how he is able to capture relevant data points such as account information, company details, and financial overview. With respect to making a job post, he demoed how recruiters can tailor-fit it based on the job title, job type, working days, opening and closing dates, and core and technical skills to name a few. In a separate tab, they are able to put the placement details of a successful applicant.

Orlando’s Project: Tether – Demand Tethered Salaries Platform

Orlando displayed Tether – a demand tethered salaries concept. With the advent of AI and automation, job scarcity is increasing in today’s competitive landscape. As such, he underscored the value of skills and qualification. He envisions a platform that links salaries to demand. Using a freemium model, he pitches two account types – a free account that allows one job listing per month and a premium analytics account that enables unlimited job postings and unlocks performance data. Overall, he notes that it could have a positive economic impact by improving transparency within the industry.

Yaroslav’s Project: Recruitment Platform

Last but not the least, Yaroslav built a recruitment platform. In the dashboard, he integrated an AI assistant which acts similar to how one can send prompts to ChatGPT. Under the clients tab, he segmented the types of businesses from non-profits to corporations and designed the appropriate fields. Under vacancies, each user can view relevant job details like job description, salary, and location. In the same page, they can view similar jobs by type and salary which encourages them to explore other opportunities.


As Dive into Tech: The Ribbonfish Innovation Challenge ends, we are left in awe of the incredible presentations delivered by each candidate. From groundbreaking ideas to meticulously crafted solutions, each project has left a lasting impression, showcasing the depth of talent and expertise from the younger generation. Without a doubt, we are filled with anticipation and excitement for what the future holds. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at Ribbonfish!