What can apprenticeships do for you?

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to apprenticeships. Many believe it will eat up time, cost too much or be a difficult process. So it’s common for businesses to not consider it as an option. The truth is it’s a big commitment but the benefits make it well worthwhile. Apprentices can make your business more competitive, your customers more satisfied, your staff more engaged and your turnover of employees much lower.
We’re huge advocates of apprenticeships here at Ribbonfish, and you can follow the progress of our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Rosie, on her blog.
Here are more details about the benefits of offering apprenticeships for your business.

New Ideas

Keeping the same staff base can lead to complacency and doing things in the same way. With the option to take on a new person or train/upskill an existing member of staff, you’ll be changing the dynamic of the workplace. If you’ve taken on someone new, they can have the opportunity to offer a new perspective on things.
An existing member of staff might completely change their outlook whilst completing their apprenticeship. With new, fresh ideas on the table, your workforce will be more engaged and therefore more productive.


Usually apprenticeships are 100% funded, so the learning element of it is fully paid for. All you need to put in is the person’s wages, which will be lower than usual while the employee is training.
Training apprentices can be more cost effective than hiring an already skilled worker because you’re employing someone while they’re keen to put new skills into practice.


The role of the apprentice can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, so the employee can be as productive as possible. Learning can take place in the workplace so there’s less disruption. On-the-job learning is a great way to utilise the skills of someone who is enthusiastic about what they do and keen to try out new skills.


If you’re concerned about whether the skills of your workforce match the demands of the business, then apprenticeships are for you. By up-skilling workers and bringing in fresh new talent, you’re preparing for the future needs of your business.
By keeping focus on staff development, you’re setting up your workplace as a culture of learning. Many industries change constantly and with technology improving all the time, it makes sense to keep skills and knowledge as up to date as possible.

Free up your time

If there’s been a skill shortage in your workforce, it’s likely you’ve needed to get involved in supporting staff and have wasted valuable hours looking for a solution. It may be you’ve tried tactics that haven’t worked out.
By up-skilling your workers with apprenticeships, you’ll be free to focus on the other pressing demands of running a business.

Employee retention

Whether you bring in new staff or upskill existing employees, leaning new skills can have a massive impact on how someone feels about their job. Most people will feel empowered and competent, which will lead to a greater enjoyment in their work.
Businesses offering apprenticeships often find they have higher staff retention. Apprentices are often eager, motivated, flexible and loyal, so well worth keeping as part of your long-term staffing structure.


Many employers with apprentices feel it’s made them more competitive in the market. By increasing your employees’ skill base, you’ll increase productivity, making your goods and services far more competitive.
There are many more benefits to employing an apprentice than most businesses realise. With a variety of different schemes to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find the right fit for your particular needs. Most schemes offer a good deal of flexibility within them for even more benefits. It’s certainly worth any business, big or small, finding out what’s on offer by speaking to an apprenticeship advisor.
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