Looking at the industries that benefit from Salesforce technology…
The Cloud CRM leader, Salesforce, is probably the most flexible tool out there when it comes to different industries. As we all know, every enterprise in every industry has its unique requirements, so the same tool for all doesn’t quite work. Salesforce has definitely taken this into consideration with its platforms and tools, which is why they’ve been so incredibly successful across a number of different industries.
Let’s look at some of the industries in which Salesforce can have a real impact.


One of the industries that Salesforce covers is Retail. In the retail industry, a platform is needed that will connect brands with customers in real-time, and is flexible enough to meet every individual customer’s ever-changing demands. Social media is also a key thing in the retail industry, as it is crucial for retailers to engage with customers by using every channel available. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud technology allows retail businesses to connect with customers around the globe, at the right time.
Retail businesses require a successful CRM to provide excellent customer service at every opportunity. Salesforce can offer unrivalled engagement in the full customer journey, from marketing to sales, through to support. With Salesforce technology, you can build intelligent and innovative customer-facing apps, or efficiently and effectively manage your customer journey from behind the scenes.

Public Sector

Salesforce is not only beneficial to the private sector, it is also a great platform for the public sector. One of the key requirements in the public sector is good communication. You must be able to provide efficient service to citizens, and fast.
This is not only beneficial to citizens, but to those behind the scenes too. An effective CRM will help you reduce unnecessary time spent on administration and duplication of tasks, and focus on the most important things. For example, the Service Cloud allows everyone to have access to the most important records and cases in real-time, in order to work collaboratively – meaning issues are resolved quickly. Workmen can access information on the move, and policy-makers can analyse data trends. It’s the best way to govern.

Health Care

Salesforce has also mastered the health care industry by providing a collaborative care portal which enables doctors to interact with colleagues, make referrals, view cases, share x-rays and test results, and much more.
This all takes place on a strict, confidential platform where the risk of private data being leaked is kept to an absolute minimum. The health care CRM is also beneficial to patients as they can use the tool online to personally manage their own health.

Financial Services

One of the main focuses for Salesforce in the Financial Services industry is to help increase the levels of trust between customers and professionals within this particular field. Salesforce provides services for investment, retail banking and wealth management.
This platform helps you to connect with your customers as individuals and get to know them better by merging all this customer data onto one intelligent platform.


Salesforce technology is helping the telecommunications industry thrive through sales, marketing, support, and operations. In particular, the Sales Cloud simplifies the sales process by providing you with all information on specific sales, customers and products, so when dealing with a customer you have all necessary information at your fingertips.
Merging different areas of an telecommunications business through a collaborative network makes it easier to work across the different departments, helping create simple and actionable reports. For an industry where upselling and ensuring customer retention is absolutely key, Salesforce’s tools can help facilitate this success.

Life Sciences

Salesforce’s Life Sciences applications are designed specifically to meet the complex needs of organisations in this intricate industry. Apps using this platform enable everyone to access up-to-date information from any device; mobile or desktop. This is beneficial to the industry, as it is ensures that customers are receiving the services essential to them – at the right time.
All data is gathered and coordinated efficiently, and communication is made simple to provide stronger relationships between physicians and patients – getting the right care to people fast quickly and efficiently.


Excellent customer service is paramount for the Automotive industry, in order to build on customer loyalty and retention. Drivers expect flawless care, from the moment they express an interest in your product to beyond their purchase. Salesforce can help you customise your sales and marketing approach by better understanding your customer, and will enable you to support them in a way that keeps them in touch with your brand.
Ask the right questions at the right time, and present the right solutions at the right time. This technology helps you make the customer journey exceptional, meaning that they will tell their friends.


The media industry is also one of Salesforce’s targeted industries. Salesforce ensures that you are delivering the right content to your audience no matter where or when. Engaging with audiences is the key consideration in the media industry, and Salesforce helps you build up a personal connection with your audience. Working collaboratively is also essential in this sector; Salesforce’s tools make it as simple for employees to work together efficiently across any device.
Media must deliver the right content to the right people, producing powerful and innovative ways to connect. Salesforce can improve communication within the team, and improve your connection with your audience.
At RibbonFish, we have built innovative Salesforce solutions for the publishing sector; a major part of the media industry. We aim to make the publishing process simple, developing applications that make teams more productive and more efficient.
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