How to prevent the cracks appearing

Working in customer services can be an extremely rewarding job, because it means helping people solve problems and issues that are important to them. The downside is that this involves talking to customers when they’re not at their happiest, and often discussions can become heated. Stress is a common problem with staff that work in customer relations, though luckily with some adjustments to the systems and processes used by your company the pressure can be alleviated.

Provide the right information

The best way to take the pressure off customer service agents is to reduce the need for customers to call. By getting call volumes down, there will be more respite and breathing room for the team. It’s a common occurrence for people to ring customer services because they need information about goods and services. There are many other ways to keep customers informed to prevent any need to call in the first place.
Consider putting an automated message on the line with key information so your customers can find out what they need before they get through. Notify customers of any changes by post or email. Give them as much information as you can so they’ll be less likely to make contact.

Make sure your website is as informative as possible

As more people get online, more customers are likely to look on your website rather than ring up. However, if the information they need isn’t available, they may well make the call anyway. To dissuade individuals from doing this, have a detailed FAQ section online so that all bases are covered. Make sure your website is easy to navigate so customers don’t get disheartened too easily when they can’t find what they’re looking for.
You might also include self-help videos to answer more complex questions, so customers don’t have to endure the sometimes-lengthy wait to speak to someone.

Keep information stored about customers updated

There’s nothing more infuriating than calling for help, explaining the problem and then getting cut off. Make sure there are systems in place so all the information can be recorded, so when the customer calls back they don’t have to explain it all again. Notetaking is important so the customer’s request can be dealt with fairly.
It’s also important to document what the customer has already been told about the problem. People can get angry if they’re given inconsistent advice so form a united front, make sure policies are stuck to, and ensure all details are included in note form for each interaction.

Keep their day smooth

The importance of the technology your workforce is using cannot be underestimated. Enterprise users expect a slick user experience and an intuitive interface, as well as the bread and butter functionality expected of a system. If they’re battling every day with an outdated application, the team will become frustrated, distracted, and inefficient. Ask for feedback from your agents about the tools they use, what can be improved, and what is effective. Align these systems with your business goals and ensure they’re scalable for your growth.
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Make sure staff wellbeing is a priority

Without proper breaks, customer service staff will become exhausted, so build in regular time-outs during the day so they can let off steam. This is especially important if they have just taken a difficult call, as they may need some recuperation time. Planning social events is a good way to give staff a boost. Office parties and nights out will help with relaxation and give staff something to look forward to.
Customer service jobs no longer need to be as pressured as in previous times because the internet and modern technology makes it much easier to put systems in place so people only need to make contact if absolutely necessary. By reducing call volumes, staff will be better prepared to deal with more difficult calls.
When opportunities for downtime and social events are offered to staff, they will feel more relaxed and create friendships, which in turn will give them a support network at work they can draw on. Customer service can be a challenging job but with the right measures in place, the pressure can be minimised.
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