This ‘How To’ series is a series of blog articles that shows how you can use and get the most from ‘Publicity by Ribbonfish’. 

These ‘How To’ blogs are structured as mini stories and they use characters, such as Lucy, to demonstrate how certain tasks can be completed. All the characters used in these blogs are based on people that would be working in marketing, publicity and promotions and who are responsible for sending out publicity materials to selected contacts and collecting feedback and interest on those upcoming products. 

How to Tag Contacts 

This is Lucy.

Lucy works in marketing and is responsible for ensuring the marketing attributes of contacts is up to date and accurate.  

Lucy used to spend hours updating spreadsheets and word documents with contacts and their interests. Her company used to have so many different lists and spreadsheets for each region that it really was a struggle to keep everything up to date.  

Today, Lucy is planning to tag some of her newest contacts with their interests and attributes.  

In its simplest form, tagging is a way to mark (or tag!) a contact with a characteristic. Once contacts are tagged, other users can easily search and match when they are creating lists based on these tags.     

To get started, Lucy logs into the system and accesses the contacts tab. 

Lucy then selects a contact and looks for the ‘tags’ component, searches for a tag and selects it.  

Voila, the contact is now tagged and can be matched as a candidate to a list(s). Easy!

Join us in the next blog to see how tagged contacts can be used to create publicity lists.  

What is Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

Publicity by Ribbonfish is the #1 tool for anyone managing lists, such as publicity lists.  

Historically, managing lists, such as publicity lists, was a time-consuming and resource-intense task.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish makes it simple & puts everything you need in one place. 

Simply put; tag your contacts, use our powerful search and match to create your lists and, when complete, distribute your list. It couldn’t be any easier!

To learn more about Publicity by Ribbonfish, read our introductory blog post here.