Who are Ribbonfish and what is the Salesforce CRM Accelerator for Publishers?  

At Ribbonfish, we have decades worth of experience in publishing and decades worth of experience in technology. We have combined the two to create our Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Accelerator for Publishers, which is the leading end-to-end CRM solution for publishers, providing a unified platform for sales, marketing, and publicity teams. The Salesforce CRM Accelerator helps publishers consolidate, capture and enrich their customer data and start using it to derive insights into customer behaviour. It does this by leveraging the most powerful cloud-based technology platform, Salesforce.

Why use our Accelerator? 

There are so many advantages and benefits to using our Accelerator (too many to name here!) but as a starting point, our accelerator will provide the following features and benefits: –  

  • It is a pre-built solution for publishing to kick start your digital transformation 
  • The pre-built nature means you can go live quicker, cheaper and with minimal fuss  
  • Provides instant value on go-live 
  • It is built on an entirely customisable and flexible platform   
  • It provides a single view of your customer in one system 
  • It caters for simplified collaboration  
  • It gives you a deeper insight into your data with reporting and cross functional insights 
  • It will vastly improve targeting and segmentation  

And, specifically for publishing, our Accelerator includes features such as:- ​

  • Custom record types and hundreds of additional fields (e.g., for specific types of accounts or contacts, such as Institutions, Press / PR, Departments, Libraries, etc.) ​
  • Campaigns aimed at publishing (e.g., Review, Press / PR, Textbook Mailing, Event, Ads etc) ​
  • ‘Quick Order’ to easily create orders for the warehouse (or mailroom) as well as creating relevant textbook sales opportunities or linking / updating campaigns​
  • Title records with associated product formats as well as series / collections and relevant links between associated titles and contacts​
  • The inclusion of courses and opportunities customised for textbook adoptions, bulk sales and subscriptions
  • Integration with third party email marketing solutions​
  • Set of pre-prepared reports and dashboards that you can customise further if needed

In fact, the Accelerator has already been put to excellent use with Bristol University Press, Princeton University Press and the MIT Press and they are already unlocking the values and benefits it can bring. You can read the case study here.

Also, check out a quick demo video here:

Who is our accelerator for?  

If you are an academic publisher or a higher education publisher, then the Salesforce CRM Accelerator is the perfect match for you! It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is either, as we work with publishers of all sizes. 

Can we expand and customise the accelerator further?

Of course! Salesforce is entirely flexible and customisable. We also have a large variety of other bulk-on modules that can enhance your system further, such as our publicity module or our advertising module.  

How do I get started?

We are already so excited to show you more and be a part of your digital transformation and success.  

Whether you have a quick question about how the Accelerator can help you or are ready to transform your business using our expertise, you can contact us today or visit our accelerator webpage here.

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