What is Publicity by Ribbonfish?

Historically, managing publicity lists can be a time consuming and resource extensive task.  

Keeping track of all your different publicity lists, contacts, and even categorising who best to send your products to has been done on a variety of different, often disconnected, systems such as sticky notes, local knowledge, Excel and Outlook! This disjointed approach may work to an extent, but it can only work for so long before it eventually fails.  

At Ribbonfish, we have decades worth of experience in publishing and IT, and we have used this knowledge to create the #1 Publicity app: Publicity by Ribbonfish.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish is the complete tool for managing all your publicity activities.

What is so good about Publicity by Ribbonfish? 

Firstly, Publicity by Ribbonfish is built on Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This means that, before we even start exploring the benefits of Publicity by Ribbonfish, you already have a powerful CRM tool to perform day-to-day CRM tasks – such as storing all your customer and prospect information, managing sales opportunities, and reporting on all your data with powerful analytic tools.  

Built on top of Salesforce CRM is Publicity by Ribbonfish. Some of the unique benefits are explained below:

Powerful tagging and searching 

Managing tags, categorising, and searching and matching is a cinch with Publicity by Ribbonfish. You can easily tag contacts from their contact page. For example, you can tag a contact as being interested in a particular subject, such as Astronomy.

Contacts can have many tags, all of which are easily visible on their contact page. If you cannot find the tag you are looking for, you can easily create a tag on the fly from the contact record.

You and your team can continually manage tags as part of your day-to-day tasks.  

You can then use the tags to conduct powerful searches with your lists. For example, you can search for contacts on a list that must have ‘Higher Education’ tags as well as at least one of the ‘physics or ‘biology’ tags but must exclude the ‘Primary Education’ tag. 

You can use this powerful search to finely tune your lists and we always encourage creativity. These tags can be used for anything!

The tags and searching not only optimises the time spent on creating your lists, but it also gives you much greater control and flexibility over the search.  

Manage your lists effortlessly from one screen 

Instead of using a variety of different systems and processes for managing lists, you can use Publicity by Ribbonfish to manage all your lists easily on one screen.  

For example, on a list screen you can see a filter that lets you filter contacts using tags, a candidate list that shows you all candidates that have been found in the search, the actual list, and the ability to view details of any contacts.  

The list truly has everything you need in one screen!

In addition to the components mentioned that are on the list, you also have a large variety of buttons that let you interact with the data.  

For example, you can show or hide columns, search your list and more.  

Bulk add lists 

The list has bulk add options which boosts productivity and lets you mass add to lists with details of what materials should be sent.  

When you are creating lists, you can use our bulk tools to mass add contacts to lists, or mass delete contacts from lists.  

Warehouse / Post room functionality 

Once you have created your lists, you will want to produce something for your warehouse (or post room) to use for sending your products to the relevant contacts.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish effortlessly utilises reports for this use case. You can run reports that show all the details your warehouse needs to know for dispatch and then easily download it and send it to them for fulfilment.  

Email integrations available  

Salesforce CRM has the capability to integrate with email. For example, there is an integration with Microsoft Outlook.

If you are using this integration, it will provide many benefits across Salesforce CRM as a whole. However, in terms of Publicity by Ribbonfish, this will add value to your publicity team because they can easily see all emails that have been sent to a contact.  

This adds another level entirely to how you can see and understand your business, as well as the relationship that your entire business has with your customers.  

Keep track of reviews 

Historically on legacy systems, you have no idea what happened after you sent a book to a contact for review. It is likely that you just hoped for the best and just wished that the reviewer wrote a review.  

On Publicity by Ribbonfish, you can keep track of who made a review and use this information smartly internally. For example, you can see who is making reviews and ensure that they get targeted for future relevant products. If you see that someone doesn’t write a review, you can reconsider how often you send them a product or look to re-establish their interests.  

Where can I see more? 

In our next blog post, we will give you a step by step look at the basics of the Publicity Module.  If you cannot wait that long, you can always contact us to arrange a demo. Alternatively, arrange a call back from us via the form here.

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