LBF 2017 Preview: 5 Talks To Attend on Thursday

Alas, it’s the last day of LBF 17.
All good things come to an end eventually. After a frantic few days, it’s time for us to shoot off in our various directions, with a bag-load of business cards and a head full of insights.
So, what’s on the radar for Thursday’s seminars? We’ve picked out five.

1 – BIC’s Building a Better Business Seminar 2017

10am, Dark Room
Graham Bell / Tim Devenport / Clive Herbert / David Ingham / Karina Luke / Alicia Wise
This long-form seminar runs until 12.30pm, and is essential viewing for anyone in the book business. Within a range of different presentations, the hosts will address critical elements of publishing operations. The sessions will focus on the intricate details of publishing business success, looking at metadata, search rankings, AI, and digital experiences.
More information here

2 – The Engagement Model: It’s Time to Change It Up

10am, Tech Theatre
Ed Marino
“As technology evolves, so should our relationship with stakeholders. It works better when publishers and stakeholders partner and are not just looking for the next deliverable. Loyalty is key and it is earned. It derives from an ongoing relationship in which both parties are able to succeed and/or fail together.
This talk will focus on one of those stakeholders – authors as partners, one of publishers’ most valued assets – and the ways that technology can help support an enhanced engagement.”
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3 – Maximise the Potential of Your Content: From Metadata Enrichment to Rich Knowledge Graphs

12.15am, Tech Theatre
Borislav Popov & Sameer Shariff
Great metadata is essential for making content discoverable. This discussion highlights some of the work that the speakers have done with medical publishers to enrich key metadata and take advantage of the wealth of interconnected digital content.
More information here

4 – Accessing the Publishing Market in China

1pm, International Business Lounge
Ge Qingwen / Fan Xiaohong / Michelle Zhao / Alicia Liu
“As the world’s largest economy, the publishing market in China offers a huge potential for the creative industry in the UK. Alicia Liu from Singing Grass hosts a forum with leading experts from China to discuss how to access the market through import and export, rights trading, joint venture, online retail and how to seize the opportunity of the rapid growth of the children’s book market in China.”
More information here

5 – The Write Stuff

2pm, Author HQ
Natalie Hart
This is always a must-see event at each London Book Fair. Six authors pitch their works to a panel of agents, in front of a live audience. Nerve-wracking stuff! As a bonus, 2016’s winner, Natalie Hart, will be interviewed on stage.
More information here
We’re represented at the London Book Fair by our new CEO, Paula Neary. In support throughout the week will be Marc Defosse, Paul Bryson, and Matt Goolding.
If you’d like to meet with Paula, contact [email protected]