Previewing conferences at LBF 2016

As we get closer to April’s London Book Fair, we’re previewing the exhibitors, speakers, and conferences at the show. We’ve already had a look at a few of the key 1500 exhibitors scheduled to take part, and in this piece we preview the main conference events.
Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to…
Quantum Conference

The Quantum Conference:

The Quantum Conference is new for 2016, and replaces the established Publishing For Digital Minds event of previous years. Among others, this is a conference that we’ll be attending, so keep your eyes peeled for a roaming Ribbonfish!
The conference will discuss the industry’s position in the so-called post-digital world, analysing how this new norm is impacting the book business. There will be a focus on how coders and data analysts are now key to the industry, and are as influential as publishers and editors in today’s world. Attendees include digital agencies, publishers, tech providers, and everything in-between.
A superb cast of speakers features Clay Stobaugh, Keiron Smith, James Daunt, Stephen Page, Richard Sullivan, and many more, all chaired by Alison Jones and Bill Thompson.
The conference’s steering committee are;
Alison Jones, Bill Thompson, Sam Missingham of HarperCollins, Michael Healy of Copyright Clearance Centre, Michael Bhaskar of Canelo, Sara Lloyd of Macmillan Publishing, Emma House of the Publishers Association, Emma Barnes of Bibliocloud, Louise Rice of Touchpress, and Javier Celaya of Dosdoce.
For more on the Quantum Conference and to buy tickets, visit the website.
What Works LBF

What Works? Education Conference:

What Works? is a conference focused on education, looking at the role of technology in education, good practices in teaching, and methods to deliver key information. We have great experience working in education publishing, so this conference is of particular interest.
Speakers include Francesco Avvisati of OECD, Laurie Forcier of Pearson, Eric Razenburg the CEO Thieme Mueller, Mauricio Andion of Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Lord Jim Knight of Times Education, Michael Ross of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eckhardt Fuchs of Georg Eckert Institute, Fredric Litto of Universidade de Sao Paulo, Job Vos the CEO Kennisnet Foundation, and Jay Diskey of the Association of American Publishers.
For more on the conference and to buy tickets, visit the website.
Introduction to Rights

Introduction to Rights:

This conference is aimed at those just starting out in the rights business. This is a half-day event that provides some great basic info about rights and its legal complexities. Attendees include agents, authors, editors, rights assistants, lawyers, legal counsels, publishers, contracts managers, and many more industry professionals.
Speakers include:

  • Miles McNamee, who will make some opening remarks to the conference audience
  • Lynette Owen, who will ask the question; why sell rights?
  • Hugh Jones, whose talk is entitled You can’t sell what you don’t own
  • Diane Spivey, who will first discuss the priorities for selling rights, and later will host a talk on contract checklists and rights deals
  • Amy Mitchell, who will introduce the practicalities of selling rights

There will also be a drinks reception after the conference itself, which will provide attendees with a great networking opportunity.
For more information about this conference, visit the website.
Research & Scholarly LBF

Research & Scholarly Forum:

The Research & Scholarly Forum will “examine the challenges and trends facing research communication.” It will be attended by leading figures from scholarly publishing, discussing the latest strategic and market developments.
Speakers include Sally Hardy of the Regional Studies Association, Andrew Tein of Wiley, Susie Winter of the Publishers Association, Roy Kaufman of Copyright Clearance Center, Derk Haank the CEO of Springer, Stephen Barr the President of SAGE International, Simon Inger of Simon Inger Consulting, and Richard Mollet of RELX Group.
For more information about this conference and to buy tickets, visit the website.
Literary Festival LBF

Literary Festival Forum:

This forum is completely free of charge to those with an LBF pass. The event is focused on the behind-the-scenes of literary festival organisation, providing useful information, tips, and advice to those involved with these projects. 2015 was the event’s first year, and it’s great to see it return this April. There are currently around 350 literary festivals across Britain throughout the year, and this forum aims to support those who put everything into making them a success.
For more information about this conference, visit the website.
International Publishers Congress

31st International Publishers Congress:

Buying a ticket for the International Publishers Congress gives you access to a number of key events and conferences over five days. On the evening of Saturday 9th April there is a brilliant networking evening, on Sunday 10th April there’s the Congress itself and the Gala dinner afterwards. On the Monday, you have access to the Quantum Conference (previewed above), and on the Tuesday you can choose between What Works or Research & Scholarly (also previewed above). Plus, you have access to the Book Fair over the whole period. On the evening on Tuesday 12th April, you get access to the LBF International Excellence Awards.
At the Congress itself (on Sunday), there are some truly inspiring talks about some of the most challenging topics in publishing. Here’s a brief overview of the talks:

  • Is small the next big thing? Opportunities and challenges of global publishing – Chaired by Michael Healy
  • Digital Revolution in Book Publishing: the best is yet to come – A keynote by Arnaud Nourry of Hachette
  • The emerging geographical super powers of the publishing world – Multiple speakers, including Rok Kvaternik, Fei Chen Lee, Roberto Banchik, and Bibi Bakre-Yusuf.
  • 2015, the end of copyright – Taking for free is stealing – A presentation from Richard Malka, Lawyer and writer of comics
  • Alaa Al Aswany in conversation
  • Creating the readers of the future – Speakers include Bodour Al Qasimi and Jonathan Stolper
  • Four Revolutions – The business of storytelling from speech to the digital age – A keynote by Philip Pullman
  • New Censors – Publishing in a time of Fear – Speakers include John Ralston Saul, Elif Shafak, and Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury.

For more information about the International Publishers Congress, visit the website.

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