LBF 2017 Preview: 10 Talks To Attend on Tuesday 14 March

We can’t wait to start mingling at this year’s London Book Fair. Every year, there are so many fantastic talks and seminars throughout the week. In this daily preview roundup, we pick 10 tasty-looking talks for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Some of the best talks do clash, but that’s the wealth of quality we have at LBF!
Without further ado, here’s our preview for Tuesday 14 March.

1 – Copyright: Still Encouraging Learning

10am, The Faculty
Mandy Hill & William Bowes
This seminar will analyse the role of copyright in the twenty-first century, and whether its role in supporting authors, publishers, and booksellers is still as important as it once was. Speakers will discuss the impact of digital, and the use of copyright by governments in society.
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2 – Leveraging Mobile Technology for Early Childhood Development

10am, Dark Room
Emily Colker & Annya Crane
Emily Colker and Annya Crane combine to discuss a project by Pearson and Worldreader, whereby high quality digital learning resources are supplied to disadvantaged children in India. The Read to Kids pilot programme aims to encourage more parents to read to their children, in a  bid to mitigate effects of poverty on learning outcomes.
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3 – Brexit: Good News or Bad News for the Publishing Industry?

10am, The Olympia Room, Grand Hall
Nick Hillman / Ian Hudson / Rosa Wilkinson / Stephen Lotinga
With Article 50 due to be triggered before the end of the month, this panel looks at some of the potential effects on publishing for the coming years. The group will discuss trade, recruitment, and the impact of a weaker GBP.
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4 – XML Production Through Google Docs

11.30, Tech Theatre
Darren Ryan
One for the techies, here. This talk will look at how the latest Google Docs enables the creation of a full XML workflow. Darren Ryan will demonstrate how this impacts the author manuscript process, across different formats.
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5 – Journal Sales Strategies for Smaller Academic Publishers

1pm, The Faculty
Melissanne Scheld / Simon Boisseau / Jennie Collinson / Sophia Anderton / Julia Mortimer
This seminar will explore what to include in your sales strategy, the key process for better library sales, information on selling to faculties, and to achieve success through desk-based sales. These leading speakers will impact wisdom, advice, and insight on how smaller academic publishers can grow journal sales across many different market segments.
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6 – EdTech Exchange: What’s Happening in Edtech?

1pm, Tech Theatre
Nina Iles / Jan Matern / Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet / Sophie Bailey
EdTech is growing at a colossal rate, and as more teachers and learners adopt immersive tech-driven learning experiences, the sector is scaling. In this talk, founder of the EdTech Podcast, Sophie Bailey, talks to three industry experts about the present and future of EdTech. 
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7 – Checking in on the Road to Digital Transformation

2.30pm, The Faculty
Max Gabriel / Valentina Kalk / David Worlock / Christopher Kenneally
Gartner says that by 2020, three-quarters of businesses will already be digital or will have digital transformations in process. According to studies, only 30% of these efforts will be successful. The road to digital transformation can be full of obstacles, and it’s challenging to know which direction to take. In this seminar, leading experts discuss the position of publishing on the digital transformation map.
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8 – Shaping the Story: How New Technologies are Bringing About the Next Chapter in Academic Book Publishing

4pm, The Faculty
Lucy Ayre / James Hardcastle / John Harrison / Dr Niels Peter Thomas / Kathy Christian
Fresh technologies bring about new opportunities for publishers, researchers, funders, and institutions. Despite the threat from academic journals on the academic book market, the current landscape presents advantages. This seminar features presentations and discussions between leading experts in the academic publishing market about current opportunities and the outlook for the future.
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9 – Speed Networking: What Opportunities Are There for EdTech and Publishing to Work Together?

4pm, Cross-Media Lounge (Stand 2B15)
These sessions will be hosted by The EdTech Exchange, featuring a mixture of industry experts and authority voices, publishers, and companies. Attendees will discuss options for collaboration between publishers and EdTech businesses, hopefully leading to opportunities for both parties.
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Making Open Access Work for Scholarly Monographs

5.30pm, The Faculty
Matthew Day / Julia Mortimer / Max Mosterd / Torsten Reimer / Felix Evert / Marcel Knöchelmann
“Why is open access for scholarly monographs so difficult to establish? How can book publishers adapt their business model and embrace open access with economic success? How does that affect internal workflows? And what infrastructure is missing to make open access work for the humanities?”
The expert panel listed above will discuss these key issues at length, and showcase some of the latest approaches.
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We’ll be represented at the London Book Fair by our new CEO, Paula Neary. In support throughout the week will be Marc Defosse, Paul Bryson, and Matt Goolding. 
If you’d like to meet with Paula, contact [email protected]