How technology has revolutionised HR

Your employees are your greatest asset. Without their knowledge, skill, determination and focus, your business wouldn’t thrive, grow or have a future. They get the work done and a satisfied employee who feels nurtured and challenged will happily and readily provide you with excellent results.
HR is a crucial element of any business and should have as much focus on a strategy for employee retention and progression, as the development of ideas and execution of products in other areas of the company.
It’s important to have a clear understanding of the type of culture you want to set within your business. Not only will the existing employees feel at home, but you’ll know the exact type of person you will want to employ in the future.
Here are a few ways to stay on top of your game and ensure an efficient HR department.

The Cloud for HR

Gone are the days of overflowing filing cabinets, grubby folders, poly pockets and slow computer databases. If this is still a reality in your business, it’s time to move onwards and upwards.
The cloud is easy to use, and will save you time and space. By signing up to a HR enabled tool via cloud programs, you will have all of your information in one place. Contact info and emergency data for your employees is safely stored and easily accessible at the click of a button.
Instead of spending valuable minutes receiving and processing holiday requests, the cloud automates responses based on the data available. You can also store training and performance information, and produce reports and business analytics. Goodbye confusing directories and numerous HR programs, because all of your information will be in one place.
If the admin is taken care of, you can spend more time on the important aspects of human interaction and development.

Social Media Acquisition

If you don’t already use social media to advertise jobs and search for the perfect candidate, it’s time to join the 21st century. When you start acquiring staff this way, you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long. It gives you a much wider range of access to quality talent. You can learn so much about someone’s personality, ambitions and experience by viewing a LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profile.
Research has shown that you will receive more interaction with your ad via social media and a higher percentage of applications completed. This new process will also save you time. It’s far quicker to go from posting an advert to completion of hiring than traditional standard formats.
You’ll get someone excellent on board a lot sooner.

Instant Feedback

Employees want feedback. They don’t want to be kept in the dark, only to find out they’ve been making mistakes or falling behind when it’s too late to rectify. People want to feel challenged and have the chance to improve themselves on a consistent basis.
Give them that chance by providing instant or at least frequent feedback. Don’t wait until scheduled quarterly reviews. By letting an employee know how they are getting on, you can nip any issues in the bud. If you wait too long the damage will probably already be done.

Employee Engagement

If there are issues between management and employees, low morale or a general feeling of disengagement within the business, surely you want to know straight away? If you know the problem exists, you can start to make a difference immediately.
It’s not always obvious to HR during the beginning stages of a problem. When everyone is busy and trying to meet deadlines, they can be swept under the rug. Some of your people don’t want to rock the boat and be that one person who speaks out.
You need to create a forum for all employees to vent their concerns, ideas for change or feedback about management. This could be done in a simple way like an anonymous suggestion box, an online feedback tool or even a brainstorming session.
If you want an efficient workforce, it’s important to ensure the HR department is as efficient first.
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