‘…slow down and appreciate the moments’ – Jon Ward 

The RibbonFish company meeting was another opportunity to bring (almost) everyone in the team together to take stock of the hive of activity that has been going on around the company since the Dragons Den Day session in the summer.  Those of you who were unable to join on the day, never fear the revolution was televised…well it actually wasn’t but here’s a little overview of the best bits:
The stage was set and just like last time, some people had to be convinced that the Parcel Yard is a real place literally next to Platform 9&3/4s.  Some were confused about the correlation with Harry Potter but that’s not the point.  Just before we kicked off the session, there was a quick survey of ideas for the Christmas party and the general consensus was Christmas should come in December and anything involving fancy dress, alcohol and lots of food would make for a very Merry Christmas so it was quickly settled.  The date is set for 16th December and Stream was ‘voluntold’ to be the Christmas party coordinator.  Well done Stream (thumbs up).   
There was a newbie corner where Jon Ward recounted how he found himself back in familiar territory (MHE) but now in RibbonFish colours.  Stream and Chris shared their journey from Salesforce tower, the JUMP apprenticeship scheme, to RibbonFish towers.  Welcome to the team all.  Everyone was now in place to hear the state of the nation and Marc took to the stage, speaking about some of the key projects that have been happening over the summer, opportunities and looking to the future.  Introducing new processes and cool additions to the tech stack like JIRA and Slack as well as reminding people of some basic disciplines expected in the work place such as, being proactive and diligent in your work: delivering above and beyond is the mantra at RibbonFish. We want to see a continued effort to take Ribbonfish to levels that will see us being Gold partners for our clients and a great place to grow.
David took to the soap box but for health and safety reasons he had to get off, instead he did his best to project his voice and the vision that is currently work in progress. I explained the aims and strategy to raise the profile of Ribbonfish to the world and bring new opportunities.  Thank you for all your comments and ideas that have been contributing to some of our marketing content and the overall approach to how we grow.  We listen and we (are trying to) make it happen.    
Our Minister of Foreign affairs (Agent John Satta) joined us all the way from NYC.  Well he did remotely via Skype.  John gave us his perspective of being the man at the coal face of things in New York, however with the muggle like wifi connection that we were reliant on next to platform 9&3/4s John had to save talking about the most exciting part of flying the flag for Ribbonfish in the US, for a more secure line.  Thank you John. So we came to the time we had all been looking forward to…ok perhaps just me.  Paul, Tristan and Chris T (in spirit) gave us an update on their winning idea to digitize waste in Cymru.  Sylvain also brought us the progress of the Oculus project.  His video is epic if you haven’t yet seen it, check it out.  
The session as always flew by but to quote some wise words ‘…if you are always rushing, you are missing the experience’.  With this in mind please take this moment with me to show appreciation and thanks for everyone’s contributions to the session and the collective efforts on a daily basis.  A special thanks to Carine for the master class in JIRA and of course Andy with the smooth demo of how SF can be even cooler with the Ribbonfish touch.