Oracle Teams Up With Microsoft, Salesforce, & Netsuite

There’s a strong new force in the world of CRM and Cloud Computing. I say new, but this new force is actually long-established. Oracle, the Californian-based technology & enterprise database management company, has struck a massive deal with Microsoft and They have also come to a significant agreement with Netsuite.
Oracle are actually considered the third-largest software development company in the world, but they have encountered some severe criticism recently, amid concerns that they have failed to take advantage of the developments in cloud technology.
In answer to these questions, Oracle have announced this massive partnership with some of the biggest players in the game.

Outline of Deals

oracle takes offSo, in summary, Oracle have signed off on three significant alliance agreements. These partnerships primarily provide database technology and software integration with Salesforce, and with Netsuite solutions. These are two of the quickest growing companies in the cloud technology arena.
Furthermore, Oracle have agreed a similar deal with Ballmer’s Microsoft in order to enable developers using Java to utilise Oracle technologies for developing apps. Bringing together Microsoft’s cloud tech with the database capabilities of Oracle creates a formidable force.

Who is this good for?

Primarily, this is a win for Oracle. Their business is focused on enterprise databases. Pairing themselves with these three companies ensures that their technologies are not at odds with the emerging trends. Perhaps they are late to the table, but they have managed to pull off a fantastic result which cements their role in the continuing development of cloud technology.
They have fingers in many more pies than they did last year, which can only be a good thing for a company that has been accused of falling behind the trends. Oracle are now connected to some of the most dynamic companies in the world, and hugely successful ones at that.

The official Oracle website has some interesting things to say about their agreement with Salesforce. According to their blog, the agreement is for Oracle to integrate Salesforce with Fusion HR and Financial Management platforms. They will apparently also provide Salesforce with core technologies to power products, which may prove hugely beneficial for the CRM experts.
With regards to the customers, Forbes online lists the five benefits of the Oracle Salesforce agreement. According to their interview with Benioff & Ellison, these are;
– Customer success
– Best of both worlds
– Improved performance
– Seamless integration
– Lower cost implementation
Granted, these advantages are spoken from the mouths of Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison, but they do make a compelling case. The fact is, neither would enter such an expensive (but potentially lucrative) agreement unless they were confident that it would have real benefits to their customers and that it would sit well with developers. The integration aspect is really at the heart of the issue, and many commentators have suggested that this is the main advantage, and one to be celebrated.
The conflicts of interest are small compared to the potential benefits. With reportedly worth over $2.8 billion, Oracle will be delighted to secure them as a vendor utilising their technology.

Oracle & Microsoft

oracle and microsoft dealWhat does the agreement between Microsoft and Oracle mean? Well, Azure is at the heart of the matter with this deal. Oracle’s applications will now be officially compatible with Microsoft’s Azure, meaning that companies are now looking forward to running Java technologies, as well as Oracle’s database tools and Linux on Windows Servers. The deal means that Microsoft will provide and support licenced Java, and Oracle is going to do the same for Linux.
This is actually a massive deal in the world of software, as two large corporations have done something to benefit the users. They also realise the pressures that they are under in an increasingly fast developing industry, and are looking to stabilise their position somewhat. Cloud technology is quick-paced, and the pairing of these two influential and world-leading technologies will be beneficial to all who use them, and will ensure stability for their position within this industry.

Oracle & Netsuite

Oracle and Netsuite are closely linked, with Larry Ellison having a key part in the establishment of the company many years ago, and still retaining a significant share. Netsuite is also full of old Oracle employees, and the two companies are generally on good terms with each other over the years. Perhaps there is no surprise, then, that Oracle and Netsuite have officially combined services.
Essentially, this deal means that they combine the human capital management cloud of Oracle’s with Netsuite’s resource planning tool. They are targeting SMEs, to provide a solution that links human resources with finance systems. Oracle’s mission to provide the technology for ultimate business IT solutions is ongoing, and this partnership further highlights the new approach. Again, integration is the key, and both parties seem happy with the new arrangement.


These deals are significant in the software and cloud computing industry, and prove that even the largest companies are keeping one eye on the competition. Oracle’s recognition of and Netsuite as two of the market leaders is highlighted by the respect they are now showing them by entering these deals.
They clearly understand the impact that these companies have made on the market, and are looking to consolidate their position by offering customers the opportunity to fully utilise each benefit – giving them the best of both worlds.
Oracle have certainly changed tactics recently, and these collaborations are unprecedented for the software giant. It remains to be seen whether all of these deals work out, but on the face of it, all parties are happy with arrangements, and will look to the future in a united to ensure that they all capture a significant section of the enterprise market.
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