Tech predictions for the new year

2016′s enterprise and consumer technology We’re geeks for new technology at heart, so we’ve put together the team’s enterprise and consumer tech predictions for 2016. Realistic? Who knows, let’s wait and see.

Yannick Mermet

Virtual reality will infiltrate more areas of our life. I’m particularly keen to see how VR can be used in the educational setting. Imagine that you have a class of pupils that can visit historical events and battles through a VR headset. We have the historical data and the technical knowhow – let’s combine the two to create an immersive learning experience!

Paula Phung

Everyone has heard of 3D printers. This coming year, 3D printers will be used more and hopefully more competitors join the market. This will reduce the price of an expensive piece of tech, and will mean almost anyone can use it; at work – for prototypes – at school, and uni for projects. Whilst some people see 3D printers as a danger, they also provide amazing opportunities!

Andy Norman

I predict that in 2016 and beyond, governments all over the world will announce more and more draconian Internet usage laws, most of which will not actually be implemented and the rest of which will turn out to be as effective as the EU cookie law.

Sylvain Picory

I predict that self-drive cars will take another leap forward into the mainstream. There some are interesting ethical questions being asked about how AI makes decisions on life or death, that are yet to be answered. However, many different manufacturers are pressing ahead with their development of driverless cars, and 2016 will bring some exciting new tech in this area.