Today at Ribbonfish, it is our Salesforce Administrator, Paula Phung’s 21st birthday! So why not take the time to find out about Paula’s journey into the world of Salesforce!?
Paula started off as an apprentice Salesforce Administrator for a popular non-profit organisation which used Salesforce as their main platform when she was just 18 years old. She managed to get into Salesforce through a programme launched by the Salesforce Foundation called BizAcademy. (The same programme where we also found our current two apprentices!)
 The BizAcademy programme consists of five full weeks of Salesforce ADM 201 training taught by a Salesforce professional. After the five weeks training has been completed, the sixth week the Students attend a week of Salesforce Activities and Networking sessions, where they also presented a showcase to potential employees of all their new Salesforce knowledge in the hope to land an apprenticeship.
After completing her apprenticeship Paula was then poached by RibbonFish for a full time Salesforce Administrator job role, her job role includes configuring salesforce by changing page layouts, workflows, approvals and performing tests.  Paula has now been at RibbonFish for 10 months and is still enjoying working at Ribbonfish because she says ‘the work is challenging, the people are friendly and the environment manages to stay relaxed despite having to meet deadlines’.
Happy Birthday Paula!