Publishing Focus Part Six – Octane Press

This month, I spoke to another brilliant independent publisher called Lee Klancher. Lee is the founder of US-based small publishing house, Octane Press. He’s also an established author and keen photographer, having contributed words and images to over thirty books, plus plenty of national and international magazines. As part of our Indie Innovation series on Digital Book World, I interviewed Lee about the Octane’s niche, and his outlook on the publishing industry in general.
Here’s a short extract;
“My niche was what I had to work with when I started this company. I had readers in the tractor and motorcycle niche, and my books had a good track record. I figured if I could sell 1/2 or 2/3 the numbers my old publishers did, I’d be fine.
I also had a lot of connections to authors I liked and respected who were also mainly in the transportation niche, and they were interested in working with me, partially because of the relationship and partially because other publishers were scaling back. So I felt, as a business person, I had to start in transportation. I had too many connections with readers, authors and even retailers. That said, the way we have approached publishing a book is relevant to anyone looking to reach a niche audience.
For starters, we make sure the relevant stakeholders are in the loop on our books. Our authors, staff and publicists all work to make sure that the folks in discussion boards, clubs, and magazines that enthusiasts favor all are aware of our books, and perhaps are given chances to participate by supplying information, photographs, or input.
That serves two purposes: it gets the word out about the book, and it also means that we get a lot of critical feedback and contribution from the people who really love the book’s subject. It’s a win for publicity and also a win for content and focus.”
For the full article, visit the Digital Book World blog.
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