How to find the best new publishing professionals

Whether you’re an established publishing house or a start-up business, hiring the perfect professionals is a crucial ingredient for success and sustainability. The internet has opened doors to various methods of scouting and recruiting, enabling you to seek out only the best.
In the past, the process was clear but quite restrictive. Publishing companies would post an advertisement, which usually had a limited reach. And those looking for work needed certain qualifications to get a foot in the door. Although this method worked and produced some excellent partnerships, it was a narrow search that meant potentially missing out on a more suitable candidate.
Thankfully times have changed. If you’re seeking new professionals for your publishing house, here are some of the best ways to find them.

Consider experience over qualifications

Appropriate qualifications are important when it comes to a candidate’s CV. It demonstrates that they have a wealth of knowledge and an excellent understanding of their prospective job role. However, we’re living in a time when experience is beginning to take over from qualifications in the race to success.
Hiring someone who has on-the-job experience will bring you a different perspective, which could potentially be better. Candidates who have completed work placements and unpaid internships show passion, drive and ambition.

Social media

Social media has increased in popularity for recruiters with each passing year. In 2015, a survey showed that 92% of recruiters use it as a means of locating and screening candidates before interview or employment. The obvious social media culprits are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but some have even used Snapchat, Vimeo, Tumblr and Periscope. Social media gives you an excellent opportunity to view the length of time potential candidates have spent with previous and current employers. You’re also able to get a snapshot of their personality, goals and achievements.

Specialist recruiter

Although using a specialist recruiter may cost more, it can deliver a higher calibre of results. Recruitment agencies that specialise in the publishing sector will be aware of your needs and will be hooked up to all the right people to ensure the best outcome. Whether you’re searching for freelancers or permanent editorial jobs, they will understand your criteria and business.

Advertise online

You can approach online advertisements in many ways. You can pay to post a job on a nationally recognised website such as Indeed, Reed, or many others. This way you have the reassurance that it’ll be seen by thousands of potential candidates. You can also use your website to post jobs, which is a free, but limiting, option – depending on your regular traffic levels.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a publishing professional who isn’t currently utilising the LinkedIn platform. It’s the perfect venue to connect with others in your industry and keep everyone updated on past achievements and current employment details. If you’ve got a candidate in mind, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to discuss options. A study in 2011 showed that 83% of professionals on the site are open to discussion, even if they are currently employed.

Freelance search

It’s not always necessary to hire a permanent member of staff, which is why search websites such as Guru and Freelancer are an excellent tool. Here, you’ll have access to millions of freelancers from across the world. The internet has made remote employment possible, which gives you a varied selection of talented professionals. Hiring remotely can help to keep your costs to a minimum and lighten your HR workload too.


Networking events can help to increase brand awareness within the publishing industry. The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) hosts numerous events, workshops, awards and festivals throughout the year. Events such as these offer a perfect opportunity for you to scope out the competition and find exceptional talent within the publishing industry.
PPA also conducts training and accredited journalism courses. They have a dedicated careers posting section with job alerts that go straight to a candidate’s email. It’s a great way to find emerging talent, as well as established professionals.
There’re many ways to find the perfect publishing professional for your company. It’s possible to search across various platforms to ensure you only find the very best out there. If you’re open-minded and consider adopting modern techniques, your options are limitless.
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