How exactly do brilliant businesses use Salesforce?

Salesforce technologies have disrupted the industry, and the company has become the flagbearer for the cloud revolution. The flexibility of their products make them perfect for startups and large corporations alike, and we’ve spoken to a few brilliant brands that are making the most of this scalability as they grow.
Without further ado, let’s look at some real stories of Salesforce success;

We also spoke to Jordan Hosmer, Marketing Director for, a hand-selected marketplace for brands and people who live and breathe outdoor adventure and action sports.
“ is a global community and marketplace. With account managers in multiple countries and hundreds of brands around the world that we are constantly connecting with we have to stay organized. Salesforce Cloud allows our accounts team to stay in the loop in real time, leave notes for each other, and pick up where others have left off. It allows us to identify who we’re reached out to, which shops are up to date, and who are the hottest leads ready to generate sales.”
The guys at also make use of Salesforce’s social features to improve communication and collaboration within the team;
“We also utilize Chatter – posting new brands that we may have heard of and sharing links to products that we love. It creates a centralized storage hub for conversations that used to get lost in email or wouldn’t include everyone needed. “ is the number one online voice over marketplace, featuring the best voice talent on the planet. They connect voices with brands the world over. We spoke to Ben Jackson, VP of Sales, and asked him how and why they use Salesforce;
“We use Salesforce to market, sell, and service our customers. Salesforce is fully integrated into all of our business processes from Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales, to Customer Services. We track recruitment, revenue attribution, deals, customer engagement, and KPIs.”
And what about the limitations of Salesforce?
“This is a difficult question to answer because Salesforce is built in a way that if you have some programming knowledge you are able to build almost anything you imagine. We’ve had a lot of success with creating custom views to fit exactly what we are looking for as a company.”
We asked Ben how their tools benefitted team operations at;
“It also helps us make better decisions by giving us the necessary insights we need from a management level. Because the information is online and available at any time, our customers are also directly benefiting. One of our key differentiators as a company is the level of service we are able to provide to customers. From turnaround time and speed of our response to the quality of our response, we can access the information needed in order to respond. Salesforce is key in enabling us to maintain that standard.”


We spoke to Yannig Roth, Marketing Manager at eYeka – a leading crowdsourcing agency with offices in France and Singapore.
“We need to attract and nurture leads like any other B2B company, and Salesforce is a great tool. It gathers all client information in one secure place, has a variety of tools that make our lives easier (planning, invoicing, reporting etc.) and can be synchronized with external applications like Mailchimp.”
But where would Yannig like to see improvements in the way that eYeka uses Salesforce?
“The main issue that we have today is to involve people on Chatter and have them come back on a regular basis. Today we have more interaction on our company’s Facebook group than in our Chatter, which is the only one that has been explicitly presented by management as a work-related collaboration platform. I think tools like Chatter have a lot of potential, but today it is less convenient than alternatives like Facebook – which is a personal and not a professional social network.”

Expert Market

We spoke to Daniel Tobin, Commercial Director at Expert Market. As a huge advocate of the technology, he comments;
“We use Salesforce in order to track our sales and get accurate reports on our pipeline, and to make sure we have enough business coming in to reach our targets. It is also great for assessing performance and seeing where perhaps some individual team members need training or support.”
Salesforce also supports Expert Market in their global operations, transcending distance and time zones to bring the team closer together;
“Because we have offices in the USA and UK, it is also a helpful tool for keeping up to date with performance across time zones and while on the road. We also use the Chatter feature – but that is mainly for internal sales banter!”

How do you use Salesforce?

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