RibbonFish Expand Team & Salesforce CRM Services

RibbonFish are excited to announce that we are embarking on an emphasised focus in developing Salesforce CRM solutions for businesses. As a result, we have expanded our core team, and we’re delighted welcome Sylvain Picory, Ritesh More, and Victoria Wilkinson to the fold. To read all about their expertise and their journey so far, go to our Meet The Team page and have a browse!
So, why the increased focus on Salesforce?
Salesforce is currently the leading vendor for enterprise CRM in the world, with 14% market share in 2012 and growing. For a very long time we have been fascinated by the impact that Salesforce solutions have had on the CRM market, and we have kept an eye on how we might be able to provide Salesforce consultancy ourselves. The time to start this is now!
If you want to read a comprehensive article about what exactly Salesforce can offer, read our recent article, Salesforce: An Overview. This should provide you with enough information to understand the basics of Salesforce and how it might be able to positively affect your business.

The CRM Market

In general, the CRM market is booming. More and more businesses are recognising the potential that comes with implementing an effective CRM system, and as a result, vendors are making their solutions more flexible and scalable. This means that businesses of all sizes are able to adopt a customer-focused approach that allows them to use their CRM system to its full capacity. One thing that has always impressed us at RibbonFish is the flexibility of Salesforce.com and its capacity to function for both multinational corporations and for smaller independent businesses. This scalability is admirable, and we are delighted to offer our expertise to businesses of all sizes to help them get the most out of the products that they have invested in.
Just two of the main features that sets Salesforce apart from the rest are the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud, offering exceptional sales and customer service functionality – the core of a good CRM product. Salesforce is also different to many CRM vendors in that their leadership fully embraced cloud computing, recognising early-on that it would revolutionise business and offer an incredible amount of new opportunities. The character of Salesforce has been shaped by this dedication to the cloud, and RibbonFish are committed to bringing these ideas to our clients.

Social CRM

The Salesforce team’s focus on the emergence of Social CRM also grabbed our attention some time ago, and as big proponents of team collaboration, we’re delighted to help UK & International businesses better understand their audience with the revolutionary new technology that is on offer. CRM is evolving to account for the involvement of social media in sales, marketing, and customer support – and Salesforce solutions are at the heart of this.
Read our in-depth article about the evolution of Social CRM here!
We’re extremely excited to embark on our Salesforce projects, and delighted to offer our clients and prospects this new dynamic angle on CRM. Everything that expands our knowledge and experience in the CRM arena will help build our company and develop our culture. Having a mix of expertise is something that we’re very proud of, and adding the skills of Ritesh, Sylvain, and Victoria ensures that we’re developing as a business and offering clients a range of solutions. Whether your organisation needs Microsoft, Onyx, Salesforce, or completely bespoke IT systems, RibbonFish have the expertise to advise and develop solutions that can have an immense impact on your business.
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