The Digital Marketing Show 2015 came to a close on Thursday, 19th November. I was lucky enough to attend the event at the London Excel Centre! It was quite an experience; there were hundreds of attendees, guest speakers and over 100 exhibitors!
The show brought to light to new marketing trends, and offered advice on how to make digital marketing worthwhile in your business. While listening to many of the guest speakers and their views, I learnt that there are many things that all businesses should be working harder on, such as uniting marketing teams with sales teams. The digital age has brought many changes to the business world especially when it comes to marketing and selling products and services. Some businesses may find that their sales teams are spending more time completing marketing and admin activities rather than actually selling. One thing that the content hub speakers taught me was that in order to stay productive as a business, we should be providing platforms that allow sales and marketing teams to work together.
Another topic that really interested me was discussed by Connor Kinnear, Chief Marketing Office of Passle (Twitter @ConnorKinnea) . His talk was on B2B Content Marketing, and he taught us all about the Content Pyramid.
This pyramid consisted of all types of content, with ‘Hero Content’ at the top of the pyramid. Hero content consists of content such as White Papers, events, or big research projects that take place once or twice a year.
Secondly there was ‘Hub Content’. Now this consists of email newsletters, blog articles, and the more regular stuff. This is content that businesses, especially B2B businesses, struggle with the most. Employees can find it boring, time consuming and too much work in addition to their normal role.
Last but not least, there was ‘Hygiene Content’. This is content that is always turned on and whirring away, such as your website pages. Continuously updating the site, testing the site, and measuring what is bringing the most traffic is a must in content marketing.
Overall, the Digital Marketing Show was very worthwhile! I definitely gained plenty of knowledge on marketing – way too much to fit into one blog article! It is definitely an event that anyone in the marketing industry should be attending, in order to keep up to date with the forever changing digital marketing world! I will definitely be attending again!