One of my tasks for this week was to create an ‘Audience Persona’.
This was something I had never done before but I actually found quite fun! I almost felt like a bit of a detective!

What is an audience persona?

Now for those of you, who like me at first, had no idea of what an audience persona is, it is a common tactic used by marketers to help focus their campaigns. The concept of an audience persona is quite similar to the way we would play with our toys when we children – when we would give our dolls a whole make-believe life story! The meaning behind an audience persona is to help connect us to our target audience, and to make sure we understand the reason behind their requirements.

So what is actually included in an audience persona?

Well, most audience personas include the same basic information about who the person is, what problems they could be facing, what solutions we can provide, and how to contact and engage this person. To find the answers to these questions you will definitely need to do some digging! Things like where they work, what their job role consists of, plus demographics such as: age, gender, location and education. This is all useful information that you will need to include in your persona. Knowing this information will help you get into your target audience’s minds, and makes sure you can address their specific concerns.

How to build a marketing persona?

You are probably thinking; how on earth would I find out this information!? Well, there is actually many different methods you can use! For example, one of the most useful resources would be social media! You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networks to find your target audience. You could also perform surveys, interviews, etc.
There are many ways you can find out information, just be creative! Building a persona takes time and is not something to be rushed!
Audience personas are a great way to better understand your audience, so that you can address their concerns, help them achieve their aims, and provide them with useful and engaging online content. What audience persona tips do you have?