The Role of Personality & Communication in Business Processes

In this increasingly digital world, it is easy to forget that we are all still normal people that appreciate traditional human interaction and classically polite social conduct. This new digital age has presented many businesses across the world with a wealth of opportunity to increase marketing exposure, improve sales, and maximise revenue. However, there are also challenges that need to be overcome – in the sales process as well as support and customer / client retention.
Many small, medium, and large companies are becoming increasingly anonymous due to the ever-increasing competition and the impact of the web. However, the way to make your business stand out from the crowd is with personality. It is more important than ever before.
During the sales process, there are a number of key ‘best practices’ that you can employ to ensure that your customers and clients enjoy your communication from the start and become more likely to close a valuable deal. These ideas can also be implemented within your team, to keep them aligned with company goals and maintain their allegiance to the cause. In a nutshell, it is all about keeping things personal, maintaining good business principles, and treating people well! It’s not rocket science.

The Role of CRM

An effective CRM solution can ensure that your sales team is as motivated as possible, and give them the tools to attack the sales targets with vigour and with confidence. However, this cannot be the tool that provides the excuse for the personal approach. CRM can provide the management with overview of team performance, and can provide the team with precise details about the people that they’re selling to. Data stored in a CRM tool can open the door to a more personal approach within the team and throughout the sales and support process.
Vendors such as have embraced this personal and social approach with a number of key tools. Their “Sales Cloud” embodies these principles, allowing shared customer profiles, mobile functionality, real time organisation ‘chat’, and much more. Clear and concise collaboration breeds an efficient team, which will allow the business to portray exceptional organisational capabilities. The potential for mixed messages is also drastically reduced by using a system like this, leaving room for a teamwork to build a focused approach to the selling process.
So, here are some of the most important things to consider when dealing with clients in the sales process and beyond;

Align Yourself With Your Product / Service

You must remember that it isn’t just the product or service that your client is purchasing, it is also yourselves. Your clients know that they’ll need to contact you again; perhaps for support, perhaps for an upgrade or two, perhaps for other products – so make sure that they are fully confident in your team’s personality and work ethic. If you are a faceless organisation with little personality, trust will be an issue that could prevent the closure of a deal. For B2B organisations, this really is key; you may be selling to a business, but that business consists of people!

Respond Quickly

Being responsive throughout the sales process and beyond is essential to maintaining a good relationship. Emails are not to be ignored. Instead, if a matter arises that cannot be addressed immediately, you should respond outlining a basic timescale for addressing all the queries raised. The more emails that a team is getting, the more interaction they have with customers and the more interest there is in your company. Contact is a good thing – so treat it as such!

Run Efficiently

As a leader, if you identify a bottleneck with one particular client, it is often more efficient to take on the responsibility for dealing with it to free up your team to meet targets. Furthermore, being clear and concise with clients is also a skill that needs to be developed, as it highlights your strength of character and that you respect their time. When using a CRM system for your sales process, ensure that everybody in your team is buying into the tool and utilising it properly. This will maximise the performance of your systems and increase the overall efficiency of your business.
Remember that communication is key. Talking to your clients regularly and communicating efficiently with the team around you allows processes to run smoothly. Treat everybody with respect and always maintain consideration of the other person’s experience of your leadership, your team, your product, your service, and your business.
Good CRM can help your business identify issues with performance, and help align your team to tackle the sales targets in a manner that will fill them with confidence. At RibbonFish, we are experienced in delivering CRM solutions that allow businesses to maximise their performance throughout many different business processes.
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