Has Salesforce managed to make Cloud Customer Relationship Management Systems a Success?

Salesforce and many CRM systems help a business to manage their customer relationships and model them into a success. However how has Salesforce taken the cloud market by the hand and flown higher than anyone imagined?
2013 was a year of economical uncertainty, many businesses fell an many are still struggling. Yet salesforce over doubled it’s profits, how? As many companies panicked and did everything they could to hold on to the accounts they already had, Salesforce was ready to excel.
Hardware costs are now a thing of the past, as many companies are looking to benefit from a cloud approach to their software as a service accounts. More and more companies are turning to a Salesforce back office as well as front office for their applications. Salesforce allowing for real time integration means it can easily integrate with outstanding software infrastructures within any business. Visual Process Manager eliminates the need for vast amounts of coding knowledge to deploy the business processes they may already have in place, upon a new system.
Still, how has Salesforce emerged as a leader? All companies only exist because of one thing – Customers. CEO’s of many companies are realising ‘Customer intimacy is the new imperative’.

The CEO survey respondents who say that “customer intimacy” is their principal value discipline has jumped by 76-percent over the last three years. –Salesforce.com

The mobile market is growing by the day, many businesses feel that just having a desktop version of an application no longer fills the needs of their company and that mobile optimisation is now a must. Fifty-four-percent of senior executives view mobile apps as a “key instrument” for accomplishing a better customer connection, but only half of them have actually deployed such apps. This may be down to the company not knowing how to bring their current systems or applications to the mobile market and this is where Salesforce has excelled.
Introducing, Salesforce1.

Connect all your apps. Connect all your devices. Connect all your customer data. All with one Customer Platform designed for the new hyper-connected world of customers. With new APIs, mobile tools, and more, it’s everything you need to sell, service, and market like never before. – Salesforce.com

It is now easier than ever to take existing systems, integrate them with Salesforce and put the data mobile with Salesforce1. Introduce social networks to the fold and all of a sudden your business CRM has been transformed into a 21st century masterpiece.