Data-driven decision making is where you use facts, data, and metrics to aid decision making. For example, you can use these to make strategic business decisions that align with your current goals and objectives.  

Of course, to make data-driven decisions, you need to have a way to view and visualise your data and, naturally, you need to have good data, a good culture, and good processes, too.  

Our Salesforce CRM Accelerator for Publishers forms a key component of your data-driven decision making. All the data that you generate, collect, store and capture has the potential to be used with actionable insights.  

With the Salesforce CRM Accelerator for Publishers, you are in the perfect position to start your journey to become a data-driven company. Here are some simple steps you can leverage with our Salesforce CRM Accelerator:

1. Create a strategy 

First, understand what data you are currently collecting and treat all of it as important, no matter how insignificant it seems.  

At the same time, you need to understand your own goals as a company and what you want to achieve, as this will help you understand how you can shape, filter, and use the data.

You will also need to consider strategically such things as data visibility and data management roles. For example, make sure it is not a struggle for authorised people in your company to see and interact with the data you collect. 

2. Setup your technologies and build your processes  

Using our Salesforce CRM Accelerator for Publishers, you will have powerful out of the box analytics with reports and dashboards. However, nothing is static, and you will need to think about how you enhance and iterate processes and features going forward.  

For instance, you may need to add additional fields to store new data you collect, or you may need to enforce data quality by forcing data to be entered in a specific manner.  

Alternatively, you might find yourself wanting to get more by using Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot,  all of which are powerful Salesforce products that can provide predictions, data discovery insights and more.  

3. Influence your company culture

You will need to ensure that your company culture is promoting and instilling a data-driven culture. This will be critical to the success of any data-driven decision making.  

This leadership should start at the top and needs to be included in future strategy and digital transformation projects. It can include things such as educating your staff on the importance of data and data quality, instilling confidence in the data you collect, or even forming a community that talks about data and shares best practices for the benefit of company strategy. 

4. Analyse your data and make decisions 

Once you have the strategy, the tools, the processes and the culture, you can start analysing your data and making decisions.  

If you are using the Salesforce CRM Accelerator for Publishers only, you can start using reports and dashboards to make your data driven decisions. If you have any additional tools like Einstein, you can, for example, use Einstein Discovery to make your decisions.  

Whatever tool you use, you will note that there so many insights buried underneath all that data you have been collecting.  

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