The Salesforce CRM Accelerator for publishers is a pre-built, kick start product which leverages the power of the world’s best CRM, Salesforce.

It truly will transform and revitalise your business, fast. In most cases, if you have no additional services or extras, we get you up and running in no time.

Let’s take some time to dive into the details.

Customer Relationship Management

Our Accelerator complements Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

It enables you to improve your business relationships and grow your business. For example, you can use, track and manage your sales pipeline. You can see Salesforce Sales Cloud in action here.

Salesforce Platform

You have seen above what the Salesforce CRM can do, but that is not all.

It is built on something called the Salesforce Platform. The Salesforce Platform extends the reach of the Salesforce CRM and allows for development and customisation. In other words, you can add, extend and build upon what Salesforce provides.

For example, at Ribbonfish, we have used the Salesforce platform to build our own rights licensing product called RightsZone.

This is a huge benefit for businesses of all shapes and sizes because the Salesforce Platform is so flexible, and a lot of the changes and configuration can be done with clicks and not code.

Pre-Built Kick Start Product

Okay, so we have discussed the Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Platform, but did we tell you that, at Ribbonfish, we have over 100+ years collective experience in publishing?

Well, we have put that collective experience to effective use and, using the Salesforce Platform and in response to common issues and pain points felt by publishers globally, we have built additional publisher-specific functionalities on top of Salesforce CRM.

For example, we let you create and manage titles and then link them to product formats and price books for tracking your sales deals. This custom functionality works in union with the Salesforce CRM features.

Specifically, the accelerator includes features such as:- ​

  • Custom record types and hundreds of additional fields (e.g., for specific types of accounts or contacts, such as Institutions, Press / PR, Departments, Libraries, etc.) ​
  • Campaigns aimed at publishing (e.g., Review, Press/PR, Textbook Mailing, Event, Ad’s etc) ​
  • ‘Quick Order’ to easily create orders for the warehouse (or mailroom) as well as creating relevant textbook sales opportunities or linking / updating campaigns​
  • Title records with associated product formats as well as series / collections and relevant links between associated titles and contacts​
  • The inclusion of courses and opportunities customised for textbook adoptions, bulk sales and subscriptions
  • Integration with third party email marketing solutions​
  • Set of pre-prepared reports and dashboards that you can customise further if needed

Check out a quick demo video here.

Extending Your Product Further

As we already mentioned, the Salesforce Platform is entirely customisable. This means that, if you need to change or build something new for your business, you can do so with a host of different options.

For example, some of our clients have extended their system by using the “App Exchange” to add integrations with third party tools and other clients are using our publicity module.

Why should I care?

So why should you start your digital transformation today? And why with Ribbonfish?

The answer is simple. We already understand what you need, and we have everything you require for the first phase of your digital transformation already pre-built! This makes the implementation and initial setup a breeze. In fact, if you want to get value immediately and do not need any business specific customisations, we can get you up and running fast.

But don’t just take our word about what our product can do – check out what our clients are saying.

How do I get started?

Whether you have a quick question about how the Accelerator can help you or are ready to transform your business using our expertise, you can contact us today or visit our accelerator webpage here.

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Photo by © Karolina Grabowska