As our client base will attest to, the CRM Accelerator for Publishers offers tremendous value from the get-go. 

In this article, we summarise what you get with the package and provide an overview of what the project will look like.  

We also touch on some additional extras you can request if you need it!

What is included? 

  • Our Expertise in publishing 
  • Our Expertise in technology  
  • Our Accelerator Package  
  • Implementation of our Accelerator Package  
  • Project Management 
  • Data Migration Advice Sessions  
  • Train the Trainer Training 
  • A bucket of configuration that you can use for declarative changes  
  • Bi-Annual ‘Touchpoint’ Call with our Customer Success Team  

What additional services do you offer? 

  • One of our additional products, such as the publicity module or advertising module
  • Customisations specific to your business  
  • ‘Hands On’ data migration work (e.g., data cleansing)  
  • Ongoing support package  
  • If a support package is not what you need, you can always work with us as and when you need. We can work with you on our day rate to help you achieve your next goals. ​
  • Something else? Ask us when booking your setup

*Extra services may lengthen the project implementation. 

What does the project look like when we get started? 

The project starts with a project kick off. 

During the kick off we introduce each other and get to know the distinct roles and responsibilities. We discuss anything you need removed from our package to meet your business requirements and we discuss any ideas for your usage with your bucket of hours for configuration. We also arrange key events, such as training, data migration sessions and provide you some tips and tricks on long term success.  

After the kick-off, Ribbonfish will begin the setup and configuration and you will prepare your data for the data migration. During this period, there will be several touch points, including data migration advice sessions, a managerial check-in, and a session to discuss / highlight any changes you need to make with your configuration hours bucket.  

After the system has been setup, the training will take place. Ribbonfish provide initial train the trainer training and then you can cascade this to the relevant users in your business. The training will focus on the most critical aspects of the system to ensure your go-live is a success.  

Shortly after the training is completed and you have cascaded knowledge internally, you can load your data into your live system and go-live. 

If you have purchased a separate support package, then that will come into effect at go-live.  Finally, to ensure long term success, we book in a 6 monthly customer success call with you to ensure you are using the system to the full potential, and, for example, provide you with tips and tricks or pass on our industry knowledge and experience. 

Getting started

To make your next move with our Accelerator contact us today.

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