Salesforce news for November 2015

We’re in the build up to the new year, but things are far from calming down in the tech world. Here’s our update on the Salesforce industry news for November 2015;

Microsoft challenging yet again

Last month, it looked very much like Microsoft and Salesforce were cosying up nicely, and at a high level that doesn’t seem to have changed. However, the battle for CRM dominance hasn’t let up, with Microsoft releasing a bunch of ‘business change’ products and services, and an enterprise app development environment to challenge Salesforce and other competitors.
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Analytics Cloud slower than anticipated

Salesforce’s huge variety of products is one thing that sets it apart from the competition. Last year, Analytics Cloud (aka Wave) was released to much acclaim. However, reports suggest that adoption has been slower than anticipated. Many attribute its slow progress to the high pricing structure, but also to its solely mobile focus and the reluctance of organisations to switch from their existing analytics tool.

Salesforce leading the way with equal pay

Salesforce has long been a champion of doing business the right way. Marc Benioff is a principled individual, and has invested time, energy, and money into helping the underprivileged and underrepresented in society and enterprise. In November, he ordered a review into Salesforce staff’s salaries, and adjusted them so that men and women in similar job roles earn equal pay. This is in addition to the existing ‘Women’s Surge’ programme, which stipulates that women must make up a minimum of 30% at leader’s meetings in the company, with a view to eventually achieving 50%.

Salesforce poach Microsoft player

Robert Stutz, Corporate VP for Microsoft Dynamics, has been taken in by Salesforce, leaving Microsoft in the run up to their release of Dynamics CRM 2016 Suite. As well as strong leadership and expertise, it is said that Stutz will bring a wealth of contacts to help Salesforce dominate the mid-market.