Salesforce News: September and October 2015

We continue with our monthly roundup of news from the Salesforce world, with snippets on a new Salesforce-friendly feature from Facebook, a cuddle up with Microsoft, and a mass sale of stock by Marc Benioff.


Facebook has released a feature allowing advertisers to feel information through CRM, including Salesforce. This new feature is called Lead Ads, and it allows data to be fed into systems in real time. When a user clicks on an ad for a sign up form (for an event, white paper, etc.) their information is transferred from the data held by Facebook, straight into the form. This means that sign ups are quicker than ever before for Facebook users, and conversion rates should be better for advertisers.
Enabling cloud CRM software to collect secure data from Facebook ads will allow businesses to apply the intelligent analytics and marketing features of their tool to that information.


According to sources, a few months ago Microsoft was readying a bid to buy out Salesforce. Nothing actually happened in the end, but it would have been one of the biggest takeovers in history. Instead, the two companies are getting acquainted with each other in different ways. Satya Nadella was invited to speak at Dreamforce, and there have been various other combined engagements over the summer. The focus is to open up Salesforce’s products to Office and Windows users, making it easier to integrate the tools.
It may seem a strange alliance due to their CRM turf battle, but Nadella sees the partnership as essential. Previous CEO, Steve Ballmer, was “anti-partnership” according to Benioff, and was pushing a go-it-alone strategy. The closer relationship will allow customers of both companies to benefit from easier integration.


On October 8th 2015, Marc Benioff apparently sold off 25,000 shares in Salesforce. This sell-off was worth a total of $1,865,750.00. This means that Benioff still owns almost $2 billion in shares. He concluded a number of share sell-offs in late September and early October, with three other sales achieving over $2.5 million each.