An overview of Salesforce 1

Salesforce is a company that’s constantly refining and improving the way they operate to help businesses connect with the people that matter. The development of Salesforce1 is another step forward in this process. With a new, fully customisable app and a number of newly developed sales, service and marketing tools, Salesforce offers even more support to help businesses grow and succeed than ever before.
Imagine knowing exactly what’s going on in your company at any given time. Whether you’re at work, travelling or at home, you can now access key information instantly so you can make important decisions as and when you need to. Here are some of the ways that Salesforce1 can help your business.

New APIs

API or Application Programming Interfaces are tools that help a computer communicate with other computers. For example, it’s an API that’s powering the apps on your mobile phone. The type of API used by the developer of that app will affect the efficiency of the app. The new APIs used by Salesforce1 have a wider range of functions.
For example, the Chatter API controls the social platform within Salesforce, so employees within the company can communicate with each other. It’s a bit like Facebook for industry. Each employee can have their own profile and chat within news feeds on the Salesforce platform. The API allows Chatter to be programmed so it can be set up to suit the needs of the company. By promoting better communication, a better understanding of what’s going on can be obtained so the workforce is more productive.

New Mobile App

With the new mobile app, the marketing of your business is fully mobile, which especially suits businesses where travel is a necessity. All the Salesforce functions are available on the move, making it simple to check key company details. For example, if you have a multinational company, you can see what’s happening in different areas of the world. You can see how many sales have been made, what communications have taken place between potential clients, and simply get an overview of what’s happening within the company.
All the key players within your business can have access to the app, so everyone is fully aware of what’s going on. This allows decisions to be made instantly, even if it’s impossible to schedule a meeting. Via the Chatter app, issues can be discussed as and when they come up so that business is constantly moving forwards.

App Sharing

One of the biggest criticisms of Salesforce has been that the cloud platforms used by the company were not very well integrated. Now with app sharing, popular apps can be integrated into the Salesforce experience. For example, Evernote is an app for creating to-do lists and making notes. By downloading the business edition of the app, it can now be integrated into Salesforce1 so your employees can add information to it and you can keep track of people’s notes and to-do lists.
This allows businesses to see where employees are with specific jobs and even to read notes they’ve made during meetings. With this information, plans can be made surrounding workload and future ventures. It’s also an opportunity for thoughts and ideas to be shared with other people.
Salesforce1 has some great tools for integrating and sharing company information. The new app makes it even easier to see what’s happening in real time. Gone are the days of waiting for graphs to be created and reports to be written.
Now all the key information is in one place and, despite it constantly changing, businesses can keep track of what ‘s going on globally within their company. Having better knowledge and understanding of successes and failures as and when they happen puts businesses in a much better position to grow and prosper.