Podcasts to help you develop yourself and your business


Six? Scratch that, we’ve added another ten.
Here you’ll find 16 essential business podcasts

The internet, social media and other digital resources are an excellent way of developing your knowledge base and business acumen. If you want to strive continually for growth and innovation, enhancing your personal business mind is key.
Podcasts are an excellent way of learning and finding ways to put it all into practice. The possibilities are endless, as there are so many different experts on hand to share their experiences. Whether it’s advice, stories, practical goal setting, or helping you to be more creative, there’s a podcast for everything, and the list keeps growing.
There’s an abundance of insightful podcasts out there for UK business owners, marketers and start-ups. The great thing about a podcast is they are bite-sized chunks that can be listened to whenever you have a free moment.
Here are a few UK business-tips podcasts that will help to improve your business and maintain a successful career.

1. Changeability

The ‘Changeability’ podcast is the creation of Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman. If you’re searching for practical ways to improve your business, this is the podcast for you. It takes on a more humanistic approach and discusses topics such as feelings, managing your mind and psychology.
It’s not your regular business podcast as it’s more inclusive. It focuses on you as a person and how this affects your company, colleagues or employees. It’s about taking ownership for your actions and unconscious mindsets, and it encourages mindfulness. Changeability is a very modern approach to business attitudes.
Listen to Changeability HERE.

2. Youpreneur.FM

This podcast is taken from the perspective of an entrepreneur in the 21st century. It’s a brilliant listen for those who are on the journey of developing their personal brand. Chris Ducker is the creator and has a proven track record of business and is also now an author, public speaker, business coach and blogger. Not only does this podcast provide you with his experience and advice, but he also has guest speakers and experts in their individual fields.
Listen to Youpreneur HERE.

3. FT Start-Up Stories

This podcast is new and presented by Jonathan Moules from the Financial Times, so you know it’s reputable. Starting up a business can be an extremely scary and anxious time for owners, so seeking out advice from experts who have been through it previously is beneficial. During this ten-part podcast series, Jonathan discusses concept, funding, hiring, setting the right price, and the importance of social media.
Listen to FT Start-up Stories HERE.

4. Internet Marketing

‘Internet Marketing’ is the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast that has already been downloaded by around half a million people. The podcast provides strategic advice to internet marketers or small start-up businesses that are carrying out their own marketing. They share information on what practical tools are available to you, as well as discussing successful strategies going forward.
Listen to Internet Marketing HERE.

5. Peter Day’s World of Business

This is an official BBC Radio podcast presented by Peter Day. It discusses the world of UK and global business, with some content that has been featured on the BBC Radio 4’s business programme. Some of the episodes include looking into green credentials, executive PAs, tips on long-lasting companies and the world of Vloggers. The podcast lasts around 27 minutes and features music, interviews, audio clips and expert insight.
Listen to World of Business HERE.

6. Soulful PR Podcast

This is a new podcast that was released in October 2015 but has a five-star rating on iTunes. It’s created and presented by Janet Murray who is an award-winning Guardian journalist. It’s a brilliant tool for understanding how to use PR, marketing and social media to grow and improve your business. It covers both traditional PR along with the innovative and current techniques. Janet also interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who share their business stories and give some insight into their marketing strategies.
Listen to Soulful PR HERE.

7. As Told by Nomads

This podcast is a commentary on the business world as seen through the eyes of a digital marketing specialist. This is the place to be if you want to embark on a marketing campaign that’ll bring great results. It’s priceless because it teaches you how to take a new approach to marketing using digital media to the best of its capabilities, and really become smarter in your marketing strategy.
Listen to As Told by Nomads here.

8. StartUp Podcast

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is implementing your ideas. It’s the way this is done that makes the difference between success and failure. This is a podcast to help you get past those initial challenges. They follow a single start-up and discuss the nitty-gritty of pitching your business, managing your time, and planning for your future.
Listen to the StartUp Podcast here.

9. Freakonomics

This podcast wants you to question your most cherished assumptions. They explore business in greater depths, looking behind the obvious reasons for companies performing as they do. Their specialisations are in applying economic theory to explain situations beyond those that traditional economists focus on, and explaining the power of data mining in business practice.
Listen to Freakonomics here.

10. The Motley Fool

The name of the Motley Fool is taken from a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and is in keeping with their slightly irreverent take on the business world. Most of what they do is towards the investment end of finance, but they provide good insight into what’s up, what’s down, and what to look out for. Well worth it for the broader economic feel.
Listen to the Motley Fool here.

11. Girlboss Radio

As its name suggests, this podcast focuses largely on women in business and is the brainchild of Sophia Amoruso who founded the online retailer Nasty Gal. She does interviews with a range of women who’ve made their mark in business and creative industries, and allows them to share what they’ve learned over the course of their careers. The aim is to put a human face on business and tackle everyday concerns for female entrepreneurs.
Listen to Girlboss Radio here.

12. Entrepreneur on Fire

This is one of the top-ranked business podcasts on iTunes. It’s run by American entrepreneur John Lee Dumas, and was launched in 2012 with subscriptions growing ever since. His simple, interesting and engaging presentation has won a worldwide following, and he’s also one of the most consistent podcasters around, posting daily interviews with established entrepreneurs ready to share their outlook and experiences.
Listen to Entrepreneur on Fire here.

13. BBC Business Daily

Where would we be without the BBC? If there’s broadcasting to be done, they’re there and their business podcast is no exception. BBC Business Daily is exactly what you’d expect: the biggest global news stories and how they impact on the business world, together with world business news from the beeb’s staff reporters right round the globe.
Listen to BBC Business Daily here.

14. Starting from nothing

This podcast is by The Foundation and, as its name suggests, it’s aimed at those starting from scratch in business. The weekly episodes profile successful entrepreneurs and describe how they built their businesses from the ground up. This is the place to be for anyone starting out and looking for inspiration and encouragement from those who’ve gone before.
Listen to Starting from Nothing here.

15. Mixergy

Another brilliant start-up oriented podcast, the guys at Mixergy have interviewed loads of entrepreneurs. Their podcasts are full of useful material so it’s best to choose the bits you need most, otherwise listening will be a full-time job in itself. Mixergy’s ethos is that you’ll never get the whole story from a single voice. They encourage listeners to aim for things they’ll never achieve alone, while imbuing them with the passion to grow their business mission.
Listen to Mixergy here.

16. This Is Your Life

Finally, a podcast that’s all about leadership. This Is Your Life is a weekly podcast that encourages people to live with more passion and focus. Though it looks at other areas, it always comes back to leadership, the skill that every business-person needs to foster in droves.
Listen to This Is Your Life here.
If you’re new to podcasts, finding one you can relate to and learn from can truly impact your business and personal development.

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