This great British snowfall has highlighted one thing for us in particular. Mobile and cloud technology is clearly the way forward. We all know that the country closes down when the white stuff settles – roads, train routes, airports – and therefore offices, schools and shops too.
We’re poor at preparing for adverse weather in the UK, despite our fascination with it. So, often it’s safer to stay in the house. But working from home – or from a hotel – isn’t always easy, as people often don’t have access to the systems and files that they need most.
Cloud-based CRM tools are becoming increasingly popular for enterprise business, and one of the key reasons for this is that they are accessible from mobile devices and remote locations.
In general, we can see from the recent smart-phone and tablet revolution that business on-the-move is popular in a big way. Therefore, our business systems need to keep up with this movement.
So here we try to outline some of the most appealing features of cloud-based CRM, even when the snow isn’t confining us to the indoors!
Productivity: Productivity is what every business strives for, and CRM on-the-go can benefit this massively. It means that long train journeys aren’t wasted and the option is there to work remotely. If you can access your application via your mobile phone, its portability means you don’t need to waste time searching for Wi-Fi points or fumbling with a heavy laptop. Likewise, with a tablet computer like the iPad or Microsoft’s new Surface, you can access your system if you’re marooned in a café, restaurant or hotel.
Easy Access: Easy login access through entering a username and password. This login means you can access it from all supported devices quickly and easily, from anywhere, anytime.
Connectivity: Stay on top of things. If you’re stuck at home, the distance from your colleagues is much smaller when collaborating through a mobile CRM application. You stay connected to your colleagues, remain aware of customer issues and sales & marketing opportunities.
Order Processing: If a sales representative takes an order somewhere more sunny, it can be logged remotely straight away, confirmed by the customer and the order for the product or service can be processed immediately. This ensures a good service for the customer and efficient structure of orders for your back-end staff no-matter the weather.
Take care out there! Pictures of snowmen welcome.
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